Imagine No Government

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Re: Imagine No Government

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Imagine No Government

Now ask yourself:
  • Who will make sure you have drinking water?
    Who will make sure that your shit gets taken to the appropriate place and recycled?
    Who will take care of all the plastic you produce?
    Who will make sure you have electricity?
    Who will make sure that there is structure?
    Who will make sure that there are roads that function?
    Who will make sure that the world as you have accepted it will continue if it isn’t Government?

You’re not gonna do it – who is going to do it?

It is easy to say ‘government has everyone like puppets on a string’ – but that’s not true because You are the Government - You want to change it = You create a new political party and you vote for it and you form a group and you stand together and you change it. But at the end of the day I this physical reality, someone is going to have to do the work and it better be you, because if nobody else will, only you remain and that is what everybody must realize.

For a world to change:
  • the work is not going to change
    the production of food is not going to change
    the need for housing and roads and water and sanitation and health, nothing is going to change

It’s still going to have to happen and for that, you require people with Common Sense – not a lot that occupy streets pretending that they have a clue what it is all about

It is NOT about ‘The Banks’
It is NOT about ‘Wallstreet’

It is about what’s going on Inside Your Head, your Insanity – looking for something.

And if you look at the whole ‘Wallstreet’ and the ‘occupation story’: why is there so few people participating, because most are busy making a living! And you’re a threat to their stability and the stability of their children’s education – many things - don’t be surprised if you are marginalized and side-swept to make sure that you do Not cause repulse in society and I mean that is really necessary to happen because you have not considered All and Everything about changing the world, it must happen practically within the current context of the rule of laws that exist now – otherwise you’ll get nowhere and only become a destructive force instead of actually bringing about a Change that is Best for All.

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Re: Imagine No Government

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thanks for this Marlen, great interview indeed - and great video too!

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