Do we have 6 layers of mind?

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Do we have 6 layers of mind?

Postby frank » 24 Feb 2020, 14:32

According to my understanding, conscious mind produces thoughts, sub conscious mind comes up feelings and emotions. I'm not quite sure what's the use of unconscious mind. So could anyone cross reference what I say is true or not, if not, then what are the real functionalities of them?

And also, in Desteni material, I found there are three other minds: quantum mind, physical mind and beingness mind. Are they all the minds we have? If yes, what are the structures and functionalities of them?

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Re: Do we have 6 layers of mind?

Postby Gabriel » 26 Feb 2020, 18:33

Hi Frank, within your question you are approaching the mind as a 'thing' that is seperate from you. Whatever answer that we give will just float around as 'information'.

Get to know your own mind intimately through introspection in writing. Investigate yourself, your life. Find out how your mind works... and then you will find find out how to stand equal to it and start walking out of it...

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Re: Do we have 6 layers of mind?

Postby Dilan » 10 May 2020, 16:33

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