Never Talk About a Point Your Are Implementing

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Never Talk About a Point Your Are Implementing

Post by tylersr »

Here I am specifically talking about this video: which is even included in the guidelines for participation in this forum.

How are you supposed to publish self-commitment statements and not violate this statement?

I'm having trouble reconciling the message within that video and the entire purpose of this platform, which is to share our writings and videos as documentation and support?

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Re: Never Talk About a Point Your Are Implementing

Post by Arizona »

i presume that it's a good guideline to not "timeloop" as it's easy to create just as many programmed views and there is time in the day, and thus you'd never move. I think i've seen it in my life too where it has completely destroyed me, it's like in the older interviews where they talked about "does speaking manifest things into existence?". I think with some time looking at what others are doing around desteni adds much perspective to this as well.

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Re: Never Talk About a Point Your Are Implementing

Post by Marlen »

Cool that you pushed yourself to see a supportive meaning in it. To me it is about being able to share more of how I have applied a certain change consistently enough to prove to myself it works and I can in fact implement such change in my life. But its ok if one wants to share each day of that process of implementing it to see where are the self sabotage points and to commit to change them from that point on.

I agree this is about not timelooping in the same and repeating the same words without visible active change.

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