Can anybody remember/identify this video I am seeking?

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Can anybody remember/identify this video I am seeking?

Post by Aaron »

As an introduction, my name is Aaron and this is my first post on the Desteni Forum. I am 22, live in Southern California, and I am glad to register onto the forum since I recently bought a new computer. It's been a while since I've had one.

The videos I have seen from desteni productions in the past really blew my mind ever since I began watching in ~2007. Many interviews I have seen in the past, I haven't been able to find again. But thats fine.

There is just one (or series) that I am really wanting to find again. I can't remember if it was Winged or someone else talking about being in the dimensions.

This is somewhat of its content :

The person speaking described experiences that happened in the dimensions:
"I came into contact with a giant beautiful woman with large breasts and a wreath of leaves in her hair. She turned people into pots and kept them for all eternity. She turned me into a pot and I was a pot for a while, then regained consciousness and stood back up as my being and told off the giant woman (or ate her?) ." That is not exact, its just how I remember it.

And another experience description in the same video went like:
"Met Satan, the spawn of the devil. Stood up inside myself as Satan tried to prove himself superior to me, and he turned into a little cartoon satan and I squished him (or ate him?)."

That's all I've got. If anybody remembers this as well, by all means reply. This was one of the most interesting videos I've seen, and I think about it all the time. But now the story is a bit blurry in my memory because it has been so long.

Thanks for your time. :)

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Re: Can anybody remember/identify this video I am seeking?

Post by Leila »

Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I'm not recalling any specific interviews with the pieces you remember -- let's see if it rings any bells for anyone else.

The main DesteniProduction channel and others have been terminated by YouTube two years ago -- since then a lot of the old material has been re-uploaded unto Desteni members' personal YouTube channels, but not all of it is back online.

Since you are new on the forum, please take a moment to read through the Forum Guidelines. If you want to share your process writing, you are more than welcome to do this at the Writing Yourself to Freedom forum and/or Self-Forgiveness forum.

Also check out the DIP Lite course, which is a free course designed to walk you through the Desteni Material and Tool basics.

Enjoy your stay on the forum!

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Re: Can anybody remember/identify this video I am seeking?

Post by SteveC »

Hi Aaron! welcome!

You may want to introduce yourself on the forum here

I know exactly the video you are talking about.

I found this set of videos on that i'm almost certain has the video you are talking about.

The Story of Sunette Spies

Lots has happened since 2007

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Re: Can anybody remember/identify this video I am seeking?

Post by Marlen »

Hey Aaron,

The videos you mention are the Story of Sunette the video you mention is probably this one

Welcome to the forum

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