Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

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Wang Chao ran
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Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Wang Chao ran » 10 Aug 2011, 09:46

I have a few doubts on stopping the mind.I've watched a video in which someone asked 'if we stop mind wouldn't we become vegetables?',and Bernard didn't give a direct reply as far as I understand it.I mean, if we stop our minds,how can we make decisions in our lives?If I got hungry I need to go to restaurant,but if my mind wasn't there,I would have not been able to decided which restaurant I go to,and so are many similar situations.It's certain that when we walk,run,eat we don't need mind but when it comes to decision making,which exists everywhere in life,don't we need to use our mind,and if we stop our mind,wouldn't that mean that we are incapable of many things in life?Hope for some clarification.

And there's also a question on 4 count breath:When I try to apply 4 count breath as Veno has demostrated,I found my breath being unnatural,not smooth because I dont know exactly how fast should I count that 4 numbers,Can I apply 4 count breath without counting?I mean,I just breath in->hold->breath out->hold...without counting the numbers in my head.I found this can make me breath more comfortably.Waiting for some suggestions.

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Wang Chao ran
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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Wang Chao ran » 10 Aug 2011, 09:53

Oh yes!I also have heard a breathing method of "being aware of breath",which means you just breath as you usually do but when you breath you pay attention to your breathing,and it has been said that this method also helps to stop the mind.Before meeting Desteni I had used this method and it works because it helps to lock my attention to remain 'here and now' instead of wandering in thoughts although i've often forgot it.It's different from 4 count breath because it doesn't require one to hold and count.Could someone give some perspective on the effectiveness of this breathing method?

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Wang Chao ran
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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Wang Chao ran » 10 Aug 2011, 09:57

hey guys when I was surfing this forum I found my question on stopping the mind has been suggested by someone else and there has been answers,which eliminate my doubt.It's titled "thought" on this same board.Though I am still very glad if someone can give further perspectives.:)

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james morris
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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby james morris » 10 Aug 2011, 14:56

the purpose for stopping the mind is so that you can live in self honesty, self honesty is who you are as life and that is awareness of breathe in every moment here. you direct yourself, instead of the mind reacting or choosing for you off of certain trigger points of joy or anger. we are stopping the polarity game that the mind loves to play as opposites, like good or bad, emotions or feelings, yes or no..... you simple live as what is best for as all the breathe of life. realize that who you are is the mind as a system that feeds off of energy that you create through your participation and that feeds off of your physical body. a lot of people assume that they cease to exist without their thoughts which is funny because that just truly is not so, what is interesting is that while you become more and more aware of your breathe the more and more you can see the mind move and gives one the chance to stop it then and there in that moment you live as breathe to constantly be here one and as the physical. breathe makes everything simple, for you to be able to consider all possibilities as you give yourself the time by slowing things down with and as breathe. thats all i can say for now i guess. would be cool to hear from someone else but for now im here lol

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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Marlen » 10 Aug 2011, 17:58

Yes, being here as breath implies that you'll start seeing how your mind exists as thoughts that then as you go walking here supporting yourself with writing, seeing the mind as yourself through your writing then forgiving yourself for having accepted and allowed yourself to become that mind-personality, you go walking the corrective application which is where you simply become more aware of your breathing as yourself here - it's a point of physical support of remaining 'grounded' so to speak - being aware of your breath implies you'll be able to stop the participation in thoughts that come through the mind once that you've identified them through having previously worked with them through writing and applying self forgiveness.

So, the 4 count breath is but a point of initial support - yet it's not about all the time being 'counting 4's' otherwise it becomes a 'method' or 'technique' and breathing it's not that, breathing is simply who we are here as physical continuous confirmation that we are here, we are breathing, we are alive and so we remain as physical beings observing our thoughts, applying self forgiveness to then stop all those thoughts that are simply not supporting ourselves here as physical beings.

So breathing is Not a 'method', it's who you are - it's the actual direct feedback that we get as physical bodies to realize: we are here, we are breathing and so we direct ourselves as life - which implies walking the entire process to LIVING life and not only existent as mind robots running as thinking machines all the time.

Suggestion is to simply breathe as yourself, supporting yourself as you walk your process - not to make it something 'separate' but simply a point of being aware of yourself as the physical.

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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby larrymanuela » 10 Aug 2011, 18:48

21 days to self-freedom.
Because there have been have some quite a few questions and a bit confusion,
about how exactly does this work. OK. For the begining... - for the begining stages if you want

to call it that - you will count by yourself for yourself in another words
you know with in you you will go:
one two three four in hold
one two three four out two three four hold
two three four
in two three four hold two three four
out two three four

So you will count within yourself to assist and support yourself.
It is not to take a vacation for 21 days.
It is not to ask for leave for 21 days.
It is not to suclude yourself in your own room for 21 days.
It is not to asked to be taken to a presence self to 21 days instead
there is no escapes all you can focus for your breathing for 21 days.
You are able to apply this breathing application anywhere anytime.
This breathing application will support and assist you with multifunctioning.
And you will notice that you will be able to apply this breathing application
AND participating in a conversation at the same time as a being communicate:
You do the counting within you you just breath
You will hear what the being has to say,
and if a moment you realise that you wont hear what the being was to say
if you got in to your mind. But the counting is a different scenario.
But i am saying is as you breating you counting in yourself
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
You will be able to hear what the being is saying.
If a thought comes up while you are counting and listening the being: yes,
then you wont hear what the being has to say.
You just focus on breathing counting breath become breath as the breath of life.
Now the counting has got nothing to do with long size.
Nothing. Four count breath applies for everyone in this world.
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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Bella » 10 Aug 2011, 22:05

hi Wang and welcome!

cool support here!
you may find the following of assistance too: Stop Mind-Control from the InsideOut to Self-Realize Life

Basically stopping the Mind is Stopping our Pre-programmed existence; it is Stopping Ourselves from following and Acting-Out the PATTERNS we have been 'educated' (=conditioned) to exist within and the DESIGN we've been 'created' as through systems like culture, society, money-system, religion, tradition and all the things that make us 'different' while we forget our common source as life...

When we See and Realize it is only through being Formed and In-Formed that we are 'who we are' today = we are actually able to ask the Question: How did I get here and What is here REALLY? What is the Actuality of this existence, this reality, and Who/What do I really wanna be as Life?
...and start using common sense and self-honesty to See and Hear the Answers - HERE
('HERE' meaning within the actuality of 'what is here' within and as self, within and as this world, when we Dare to Look and See).

Within this 'process', one is then able to purify oneself, re-create oneself, re-establish oneself, direct oneself - and 'get to' self-honesty, develop common sense, accumulate self-trust... and Stand-Up; WILLing oneself to Live here as Life FREE instead of being limited to who one was made to be/is supposed to be or expected to be.

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Re: Questions on stopping the mind and 4 count breath

Postby Ann » 11 Aug 2011, 08:41

Also check out:

Think as mind and Thinking as self

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