What does Quantifying mean in this process?

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jonathan solorio
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What does Quantifying mean in this process?

Post by jonathan solorio »

Is it similar to the dictionary definition and is it related to something like "seeing how much of this I have done" ??
Is it a measurement I can show others as proof? What is "quantifying my process" actually mean?

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Re: What does Quantifying mean in this process?

Post by CerisePoolman »

In most of the contexts within Desteni it will relate to "speeding up" or "compressing"

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Re: What does Quantifying mean in this process?

Post by Maite »

Yes, what Cerise said.

For instance, EQAFE interviews help quantify your process, reading others' blogs, or watching vlogs helps quantify your process, participating on the forum helps quantify your process - because all these applications allow you to understand/see point that others have walked, allowing you to move faster when you come across the same point in your reality, because you don't have to figure it out from scratch by yourself.

Matti Freeman
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Re: What does Quantifying mean in this process?

Post by Matti Freeman »

Quantum as an adjective in the dictionary can mean 'sudden and significant' - as in for example an increase in productivity or speed. So, in most cases as Maite and Cerise explained, quantify is used in the context of 'becoming significantly more effective / fast / specific. Wherein for example with myself for instance, sometimes I'll listen to an eqafe interview and it will open up a more specific self application which assists with changing myself more effectively / faster / in real time within a point.

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