Remain in breath

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Remain in breath

Post by frank »

Let's talk about breath.

Bernard has indicated that he deliberately stick to his physical breath so that he discovered a space in himself that he found that he could have a great impact in reality( in terms of dealing with things).

there has been numerous gurus, masters, yogis that talked about breath. Each had their own way of interpreting it. But I guess breath technique implemented by Bernard is the most effective in terms of getting stable and focus on reality to deal with things.

So I'm kind of wondering how in details did Bernard 'breath'. should it be stick to the in and out breath or just feels the air that pass through? Maybe something else? And is it necessary for us all in order to be life, we must stick to breathe in every second non-stop. Might natural state of life be breathing? If so, what it is like to experience?

I think this is a board topic. Any perspective, please :)

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Re: Remain in breath

Post by Gabriel »

When you find a way to breathe that is effective for you - then you will find that breathing is not complicated.

When you apply Breath consistently over a period of time - you wil develop your own perspective and 'depth' within and as breathing.

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Re: Remain in breath

Post by Luc »

Well said Gabriel, thank you.

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