FAQ - Who will want to study to become a doctor?

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Re: FAQ - Who will want to study to become a doctor?

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FAQ - Who will want to study to become a doctor -
If you don't have to for money any more, thank god we will at last have doctors that really want to be doctors and not doctors that do it because it ensures that they have enough money and that they live well. That is the problem in our world nowadays, is most doctors are not doctors by choice, they are doctors by survival, they have been indoctrinated by the families from small to chose a career that will give them a secure income and therefore they have no empathy or compassion with their sick people/costumers/patients, they don't have to be patient either, they are only there to make money, they are purely a function of book keeping, and is measured in the cars, houses and luxury items the doctors can buy, fortunately all this will end, and we will have a health care that will no longer be a health scare, and people will be able to go to doctors with confidence because they'll know that the doctor that is doctor in and equal money system truly care. Wouldn't you like a world like that? Wouldn't you like to take your family to a doctor that really care?
Then investigate equal money, find your freedom in the freedom blogs, the future of money -- we intend to have that in place by 2020, read all about it -- 2020 -- clear vision
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