FAQWho will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System?

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FAQWho will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System?

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The whole slaving concept of rubbish removing will obviously no longer exist and consumption will be completely different to what it is now, where you have lots of rubbish because things are packaged in ways to advertised, things are made to be consumed and not last and break. And therefore rubbish piles up because it is the result of a system of consumerism, and of a system of profit and loss. You can only have profit if you have loss, and part of that loss is things that don't last but break . it is the packaging that is unnecessary, it is the absolute abuse that is perpetuated by capitalism and loss and consumerism.
So none of those things will exist. Packaging will be in the environmental friendly way that it should be at all times. And every person would be educated as part of their basic life skills how to recycle. Recycling will be expected. Therefore, what rubbish will remain? In fact, very little. And therefore each person, normally per week or month will take their recyclable parts in the appropriate containers for appropriate kind with kind to a collection point for recycling. As the impact of any part of wasting, will be fully grasped. Because we will have properly educated people. Currently there is absolutely no concern or consideration for anything but consumption, and throw away what you don't use. Or buying in your face fraudulent products with a big box and only half of it full of product. And you have to read the fine print because apparently you are responsible, and if you don't read it... you apparently have a choice, but in fact your being deceived. And the very corporation that put it on the shelves on the shops are responsible for what they are presenting, because they have an obligation which they don't exercise. And therefore all the secrecy we have now will no longer exist. You will know exactly where your food comes from, how to recycle and why, and what you will have will be in such a form that you'll be able to use it all with very little needed to be recycled. With no wastage, no abuse and no bright and beautiful pictures boxes to advertise and sell to you unethically nonsense, as if it is the truth. It's like the whole organic thing in the world, it's not really organic but the word does it all. And now you see how the big boys jump on the band wagon. And some of those organic people that were so well spoken, will sell out their share to the big boys. Many have done it already. And they will claim they have done a good thing, because they are saving this and that. You are not saving anything, your making a profit and you don't have a real solution. The real solution is the equality system, equal money system -- where it will bring an end to the rubbish remover in any way, it wont exist.

So, many different types of employment that now exist under strange ways such as "rubbish remover" , which is just another name for slave, will no longer exist. And we will bring an end to slavery in any way.

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