Who decides the prices of products and services

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Who decides the prices of products and services

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Who decides the prices of products and services EMS FAQ

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Re: Who decides the prices of products and services

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By Bernard Poolman
FAQ, Who decides the prices of products and services.

In an Equal money system there will be no prices of products or services. In the BIG (Basic Income Grant) age you will still have products and services and they will correlate with the basic income. So that there is parity and equality within that context. But eventually it will become an Equal money system which means that pricing and product and value will be irrelevant, as life will be the only value. And everything else will be in the service of life, and each will have equal access to it, in a way you will decide whether you actually want something in your life or not. And if available, it will be available to all that want it equally. And there will thus be a parity, and you’ll participate in the decision making of that.

Obviously it will exist because there are people that would like it to exist, and is doing the labor as a form of love. Your basic labor will be part of a conscription system where the youth will be integrated into a society management system. And they will be part of the production of food and related products and services. And their reward would be to socially interact with peers and become a fully developed human. And have great fun and parties, having the opportunity to truly explore what it means to be a human from that perspective, in an environment that is protected. And where one can interact and find eventually your life mate.

It will be the era and time in a youths life, where they will have the oyster in their hand, with every peer there – so that equals can decide who will live together. That is the dream of every youngster, to have a whole world in front of you and all the choice as possible. And that is what a conscription will give, great fun . And yes, great fun. Those that has been in such communal type of scenario’s, in universities and so on and studies, will know what I’m talking about when I’m saying “great fun”. Because you are of equal age and of equal interest, and you function around a directive principle and then you have fun. Similar to studying at university, it is really great fun.

So that will be how one will actually develop a social means for the youngsters, through a form of conscription.

Anyway, Freedom Blogs, that’s where you find out more.

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