Isn't Equal Money just Communism?

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Re: Isn't Equal Money just Communism?

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FAQ- Isn’t Equal Money just Communism?
Bernard Poolman

FAQ- Isn’t Equal Money just Communism? Communism as such, the very hard core points of Marx and Engels and so on, have never really existed because communism as it existed was funded by Capitalism. It was purely a Polarity system, it never Valued Life, it valued Ideology.

Have a look, Equal Money has got no Ideology, it’s got One Basic Law, do What is Best for All, and that is the Fundamental and Foundation of Equality and Equal Money System. And it is based on the Joint Decision making on All Participants, something that did not exist in Communism.

Furthermore, if one look at the way Communism has been Presented in the western world, that’s been done by Media and Politicians 'deliberately' to cause wars and to make money, and to make Profit for the Corporations through many many decades, so that there is this great red fear that waits around every quarter if you 'Dare to Question' the Principle of Profit. It is intrinsically how the few protected themselves to be in Positions of Elitism by having everybody else running scared of their monster called Communism.

Equal Money and Equality is about Community, and if one have to add an ISM to Community, it is about making sure that the Community as a Group functions in a way that is Best for All, and therefore each individual is Valued Equally.

Therefore, it is about 'Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself', which will mean if one claim that Equal Money is Communism, you have to claim that Christianity is Communism, and that the Message of Jesus is Communism.

Obviously, anyone can try and claim anything about it, but the Practical Application of it is Based on What is Best for each individual and has No foundation in any of the misdirected ideas of Communism or of Capitalism per se that is currently existing in the world.

And, If one look at the difference between Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism, it is purely just a shift in power. And this shift in power is still leaving just a few in power. In an Equal Money System no one will have power, no one will have authority, there will not be all the current accepted political terms of authority and power and decision making that has been used within the context of nations and political parties and governments. There will be No Governments.

The only thing that will be Governed is the Distribution of the Resources Equally. That will be a system that each one will be able to complain about the very moment you have a problem, and there will be more than sufficient cross-referenced points to make sure not, no individual ego may interfere at any stage with the Distribution of Effective Life support throughout the system.

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