About the Equal Life Store

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About the Equal Life Store

Postby Maya » 10 Nov 2011, 14:55

Equal Life Store

The Equal Life Mega Store was established from the starting point of creating financial stability for the Destonians and the Equal Life Foundation within the current economic system. We’ve realized that in order to change the current money system to a system that supports all life, we must firstly use what is already here, which is our current Capitalistic system.

The products within the Equal Life Mega Store are a joint effort of the Destonians to further expand the Equality message and present a solution for the world through making available books, recordings, works of art and music all promoting the Equal Money System. We have realized that it is through sharing our understanding that we are able to bring about change through educating each person that we as the human race are able to live life in honor of life for what is best for all.

The Equal Life Mega Store is based on the Equal economic remodeled structure wherein all participants receive a percentage of turn over.

We Invite you to visit the Mega Store and support yourself through a process of re-education and within that, support the Destonians so that we are able to, walk together towards a world that is best for all.

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