The Design of Life - Volume 1 - PROMO VID

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The Design of Life - Volume 1 - PROMO VID

Postby Cathy » 26 Dec 2011, 05:41

the Design of Life series - understand the Nature of our lives

The ‘Design of Life’ Series was done to assist and support human beings with seeing, understanding and realizing the design of Life in its very nature. This video-series consists of 90 videos discussing specific designs that we live by and live as.

Volume 1 videos:
01 - The Design of Love
02 - The Design of Choice
03 - The Design of Voice in the head
04 - The Design of Verbal diarrhea
05 - The Design of Wife beater
06 - The Design of Death
07 - The Design of Rebound
08 - The Design of Make-up
09 - The Design of Alcohol

**This is a very nicely done promo video. Please share it!

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