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Postby kaitlee » 31 May 2013, 03:15

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a wishlist ability on eqafe? I couldn't find one but thought it would be a convenient way to keep track of what I would like to buy.


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Re: "Wishlist"?

Postby Marlen » 31 May 2013, 03:53

Hi Kaitlee, yes this has been a suggestion soon to be implemented - we'll send the reminder to Robert. Thanks

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Re: "Wishlist"?

Postby Maya » 31 May 2013, 13:30

The Wishlist feature will be available in the future.

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Re: "Wishlist"?

Postby RobertS » 31 May 2013, 18:35

I suggest that before it is available directly at EQAFE, you can use for example Pinterest for this. On Pinterest create a board called "EQAFE wish-list" and then you can use the Pinterest share button on each product at EQAFE to share directly to this board.

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