Eqafe Review - An Education of the Universe and our Existence

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Eqafe Review - An Education of the Universe and our Existence

Postby Garbrielle » 19 Nov 2016, 07:50


I am someone who listens to everything that comes out of eqafe, I find this information is like the nectar of a flower to myself as the emerging bee coming in for some sustenance, it is for sure a self sustaining and substantial gift that has been given to life here on earth. Here is an education from the universe, an existential education of ourselves from ourselves, so imagine who we really are? We are much more then what we have ever dreamed up, said some insightful philosopher and this is true. I have learned so much about myself in this site and also I have applied the tools and practical support that continues to be shared to change myself to be a better human being. It is suggested to investigate EVERYTHING and keep what is GOOD. And indeed do so, and for sure investigate this site. I suggest move through any reactions or judgments, and apply the tools for yourself if anything comes up to the contrary. It is worth it and it will be such a joy, not always as it is also serious work, but its an expansion of self that we all long for as we are indeed creators.

One specific interview I wanted to share is from an interview by Anu and Joe done recently, called The Decision is Mine - Reptillians - Part 549. This interview shared about blame and how blame is a fallacy we each make up in our minds to not actually face the real issue of the problem, and that is ourselves. We all have done it where we make it about every one else, we are so justified, we are so right, and they are so WRONG, though again it you take a look within self and take a step back, a breath, and become self honest, you will see that there was an equal responsibility within oneself to stop, to let go, and to find solutions.

When we go to blame another person, we immediately in that moment disempower ourselves to change and so find a solution. I have walked this process many times and know for myself that this is so, when I go into blame, there is a deep gut feeling where I know the truth, I equally contributed to the problem or consequence and so it is not about the other, it is about who i am and how am I going to live in this moment? This if you are new to this site will take a process of moving through because we have trained ourselves with such authority that blame is valid, that we are not responsible, and we can just get away with walking away and justifying perpetuating problems in this world rather then standing in integrity and finding solutions. It’s a process, there will be many ups and downs, many falls, though we get back up and keep pushing for solutions always cause that is what life does and we are life in our highest potentials.

One amazing support that came through this interview was where Anu shared about how a participant of this process found an awesome way to move through the blame and get to solutions for themselves, and it’s a simple equation. The equation is to when you go into the blame, take a step back, breath, and then move into the breath, from there find the fear that is hidden behind the blame. I have tested this and practiced it, and I found that when you are able to drop the blame, you will see that there is a fear being masked by the blame, a fear of rejection, a fear of loss, or a fear of lack for instance though I found it will be very specific, like for me I had one recently which was a fear of remaining stuck in a situation. From here once you find the fear, you are already establishing your responsibility to yourself and the other, and so your self authority can be walked with the self forgiveness and finding a solution. Self forgiveness is a tool in the desteni i process that supports with self change to live our highest potentials in this life, there is much more on this in these sites so please check the links. Though for this point, letting go of the blame, dropping it and finding the fear behind it, I have found saved me so much time, energy, and consequences as I bypassed all the reactions and thoughts in my head of blame/anger/emotion and could start living the solution immediately.

This support shared in the above interview has already supported me immensely and again has saved me much hardship and self compromise, so I highly suggest a listen as well as checking out more of this universal and existential eduction on Us as life on the eqafe site. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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