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eqafe products problem

Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 13:20
by Raúl
i have noticed some more problems in relation to spanish-english products, the quantum mind series costs differently in spanish and english, the difference is huge
yesterday I made an order with products from the reptilians serie, and I have noticed that the products I bought cost differently in spanish or english
also, there are products for free that I think they are not for free in english, I recommend to see the free interviews spanish section
and I highly recommend to check almost all series, so the prize is the same in both languages, unless of course the difference of prize was made on purpose

Re: eqafe products problem

Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 16:12
by CerisePoolman
Hi there,

Yes the Spanish products are a lower price to accommodate for the general lower income of Spanish speaking customers and lower buying power of their currencies.

We want to create a completely new website, unfortunately this requires time and resources that we are limited in. The new website will correctly display the free products in other languages.

Thank you for your understanding.

Re: eqafe products problem

Posted: 17 Jul 2017, 16:41
by Raúl