History of Mankind - Part 8 - Book of Ani

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History of Mankind - Part 8 - Book of Ani

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The History of Mankind, Part 8, Book of Ani -- continuing the interview with Jack through the Portal.

Discussing the Ancestors of the Anunnaki and the search for the beginning of creation, the Origin of Life.
Also the design of the Earth as Physical reality as sound.

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Re: History of Mankind - Part 8 - Book of Ani

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HoM 8: Book of Ani

25 August 2007


So, I’m continuing on how this form/this vessel could sustain itself in this ‘starting-to-become-a-manifested planet.’

They realized they were required to move fast. Because they still, at that time, had interdimensional access, but they didn’t know for how long. Because, obviously, if they were--they used their common sense (which they still had then). They said, “We have to hurry this up, because, if we don’t finish this in time, we’re not going to have access to this expression.”

So, they went and searched for that which manifested this planet the first time, in the first place. The Atlanteans said they were just here, it’s sound. “We manifested a sound placement (which is the Earth’s core) for gravitation, which is sound. Everything’s just sound; so, this is the manifestation of sound.”

Then, they realized an interesting thing, which is the following: “Who talks? Who speaks? What speaks?” Because they were also form, but interdimensionally. Then, they started wondering, “But, am I this form? What is speaking here? Is it the form that is speaking, or is it I that is speaking? What is this ‘I’?”

So then, from there, they first wondered, “Where do I come from?” Because, if they knew their origin, their design, they will probably be able to understand how to design and manifest a vessel to be able to exist in this world.

At that time, as I’ve said before--I remember I said, in terms of where exactly Anu’s planet was (Anu’s city of gold), they wanted it to be here in this world, in the Earth’s core (right there where they are manifesting the gold from). But, of course, the Atlanteans said no, because they don’t want two races here on one planet; and so, Anu’s city of gold was interdimensionally in this universe, very close to Earth (not very far, almost right next to it).

So, they required to understand where they come from first. They went to Satya (from Alcyone) to find out--where do they come from--and they found an interesting thing. They found books, scrolls, scripts upon scripts--way back--asking the exact same question, with no answer. They did not know where they come from, how they got here. The question never was asked--well, the question was asked, of course, way back still. But they couldn’t even find the point of where the beginning is in Satya’s Library of Alcyone; it was just questions of ‘where do we come from,’ investigations.

Then, this one being which is of Anu’s race--one of his forefathers--wrote, and he said, “If I am not able to find my origin, I must be the origin.” It’s an interesting insight, because no-one could seem to find the point, the actual starting of creation, of why they’re here.

So, Anu looked at it, and he said, “Shit. I am the origin; meaning, I must be the creator, I must be all this creation.” With that realization, he found more documents, more scripts, scrolls of this forefathers who played with creation, played with manifestation (but not ‘manifested manifestation,’ ‘interdimensional manifestation’).

In terms of the design of the planets themselves, the planets on which they had built their cities (their planets one with their expression) were actually designed by the Annunaki forefathers. Who played a role in it, of course, were then--as I’ve said--the Sirians, and specifically, the Serpents.

The Serpents were the original race; the Annunaki derived from the Serpent race. So, the Serpent race itself was the older race of existence during that time. They were really mean, not pleasant beings. But, they didn’t bother anyone, ever; and no-one ever bothered them. It wasn’t like that. Everyone just remained on their planet, in their city, and they just did what they were there to do. So, everyone stayed away from the Serpents.

I’d say, in terms of existence, the Serpents were the Devil, and the Atlanteans were God [laughs]--just to place that picture of Heaven-and-Hell type thing. The rest were ordinary, were like ‘the people’/human beings.

So, the Annunaki were like the “Son of the Devil”/the “Sons of the Devil” (which was the Serpents); but the Annunaki and the Serpents never really saw eye-to-eye, and the Annunaki quite despised the Serpents. Everyone feared the Serpents, actually; and the Serpents feared the Atlanteans--it was not really “fear,” it’s just “don’t go there.”

So, Anu went back and he looked more at his forefathers’ scrolls and scripts that were written, in the Library of Alcyone (Satya); and he found that what his forefathers played with that he hasn’t ever known/that no-one had known, was with creation.

It’s called the Book of Ani. That was written by the Annunaki race, themselves, through their creation processes that they’ve discovered. The point of that book was written when Anu’s forefathers realized--it starts with, “If I am not able to find the point of origin, I am the origin.” With that realization, they played with all sorts of expressions/creation.

So, they actually manifested planets, which is where cities were built, races “moved in” (if you want to call it that). Because, previously, everyone existed interdimensionally. They had their cities, but they didn’t have a specific placement (like a planet) allocated to them specifically.

So, that’s what Anu’s forefathers did; they designed the planets and its forms--which is sound, playing with sound. They kind of went to all the races that existed, and they said, “Listen. We’re able to design a planet for you, alone, on which you’re able to manifest your city and yourself, which is one with you; AND you’re able to have your own galaxy. How would you like that?”

Okay, this is me, Jack.

I’ll continue in my next interview.



Transcribed by Angela
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Re: History of Mankind - Part 8 - Book of Ani

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what happened to this book now?
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Re: History of Mankind - Part 8 - Book of Ani

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Hi Frank, the Book of Ani was never part of the Desteni Material as such, therefore you won't find it anywhere here, nor would I consider it something relevant within the practical context of the process we're walking here at Desteni.

Let us know more about yourself, whether you're familiar already with the tools of self-support, whether you are familiar with the newer material and if you have started your self-support process as such to be able to provide further references and support if you require it.

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