Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

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Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Marlen » 10 Aug 2011, 05:20

Our main DesteniProductcions channels have been terminated by Youtube

We are suggesting the following actions to take on with YouTube to request the reinstating of such channels

Send an email to: [email protected]

using the following format:

Subject line: Account Reinstatement Request for DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, Desteniexposed and DesteniProdDemons


To Whom It May Concern:

We, as the Desteni group that have been consolidated through YouTube via the following accounts: DesteniProductions, BernardPoolman, DesteniMoney, DesteniExposed and DesteniProdDemons are requesting the reinstatement of these channels that were terminated today: August 9, 2011.

The total amount of videos amongst these four channels are over 3,000 and have served as sources of information and support for a multitude of YouTube users, such as ourselves, for over four years.

All the Desteni material that encompasses these channels stands within the principle of equality, and the defense of human rights.

Hereby we declare, as the individuals that have received the support and assistance from the material provided by these channels, our discontent and discomformity with the decision that youtube has taken based on the false-flagging done by people that have been opposing our stance in relation to world equality.

Thank you for your consideration.


YouTube user(Write your username here)

Sign with your full name

By doing this as a group effort we can express ourselves as a single voice using this message for all complaints.

Let others know to copy this same text for clarity and unison.

Thank you

Desteni Group

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby SeanJones » 10 Aug 2011, 05:51

Sent em a mail. Thanks for making it as easy as copy and pasting :)

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Gian » 10 Aug 2011, 06:45

send them a message...done

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Anton » 10 Aug 2011, 06:52


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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby hiramnoehernandez » 10 Aug 2011, 07:07

this is some bullshit. i will help. right now.

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Adele » 10 Aug 2011, 07:22

sent message

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Ann » 10 Aug 2011, 07:30

grr! :evil:

Send an email right away

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Barbara Seme
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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby Barbara Seme » 10 Aug 2011, 07:30


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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

Postby larrymanuela » 10 Aug 2011, 07:38

message was just sent.


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