Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

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i'd suggest to assist and support yourself in exploring the principle of equality and oneness as living principle.
there is many ways to do this.
perhaps you wanna use the search button on the website and see what you find.
perhaps you wanna write out some characteristics of your culture or your personality and look at how you apply those and where still points of separation exist.
perhaps you wanna write out your 'idea' of equality and oneness, your 'idea' of desteni/standing up - and look at where still points of separation exist.

whatever you decide to do - enjoy!
realize it is also a path of self-exploration and self-discovery - a way to self-direction and self-clarity.

Thanks Bella!

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

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Vimeo account has been terminated as a result of similar actions taken on towards Desteni Productions.

There is no requirement to send emails to them - we're moving forward.

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Re: Attention: DesteniProductions Channels

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Marlen wrote:we're moving forward.
this whole story with Youtube and now Vimeo has been a fascinating 'feedback' from the system and it is also fascinating how we as Desteni direct ourselves and our participation/process-sharing within the system as we walk and face the points that come up.
the recent developments only show that the Desteni message and application has had an effect, an impact, and is even considered a threat to the current system.

unfortunately it seems we will no longer be able to provide all material to the public - because evidently education and self-empowerment for all is not supported by the system.
what does that practically imply? it implies that an individual will require 'more' self-motivation, 'more' self-will to get to the core, the nitty-gritty of self-realization and the plethora of information that the Desteni research has shared and will keep sharing.
this is neither good or bad - it is simply the consequence of what is here -- and what is here is a system that does not support self-realization because it is busy preserving itself : fear of survival is what drives even the most 'powerful' of the system - and only the stopping of this survival-/fear-virus will allow for the emerging/birthing of Life.

nothing changes - the starting-point and the objective remain the same : equal to and one with Life as equality and oneness. dignity. freedom. living.
the message of Life cannot be silenced as it lives through and as every single being that stands up and speak out.

and it is up to every single one being to decide: "am i equal and one with life? or what am i actually aligning myself with/as? what do i stand for? and what is it that drives me?"