Sharing my experience about desteni

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Re: Sharing my experience about desteni

Postby Gabriel » 29 Nov 2019, 20:08

When I look at the sources suggested by Marlen - I would, similarly, recommend any and all material relating to 'self-expression'.

I remember in the beginning, when the posting of the material on the forum and on Youtube started, it was done in 'phases', where first the focus was on 'stopping the mind', and 'forgiving thoughts and emotions' and explaining consciousness designs. Then in a second phase the beings in the video's and the articles started to develop the topic of 'self-expression'.

This is no conincidence because self-expression will only come forth as a result of 'stopping' participation in the mind as thoughts, emotions and (good or bad) feelings, over time.

The point often made in those video's was that 'self-expression will come as a thief in the night'. This meant that as you apply yourself in your process of breathing, stopping your thoughts and speaking and writing self-forgiveness - you would inevitably encounter moments where you unexpecteldy would feel an experience of 'you' coming through that you have not sensed or felt before.

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