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Big brother

Post by frank »

I have a tendency of 'big brother' my mind.

It's like when mind comes, I suddenly forgive it because I watched my mind very carefully.

But this makes me qiute tired may I say. Because it's like in every moment I need to look close to my mind non-stop.

So is this way health or maybe there's another way of doing it?

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Re: Big brother

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Frank,

I experienced the same thing in the first years of my proces where I was 'watching my mind' instead of 'living my life'.

This places 'my mind' in the center instead of actually being here in the moment in breath.

Hence a recommendation I would give is to 'relax' when it comes to working with your mind and place your focus within the practicality of your daily reality. Within that you will find that you can still 'observe' your mind.

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Re: Big brother

Post by tylersr »

Good advice here from Gabriel.

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Re: Big brother

Post by Marlen »

I would add writing to that has been suggested. With this kind of experience that remains at a thought or thinking level, or only voicing may not be sufficient.

To me writing the hell out of my backchat and fears and anything I would feel like having to "police myself" for, was the best way to properly process it, it was like a physical way of taking them out of only the mind realm and making it all visible for me to read and take responsibility for with self forgiveness. This I be effective if laying out the self corrections and if the writing does lead to a proper understanding of myself and seeing the origin and reasoning behind my inner chatter

Self awareness remains as a constant but it no longer feels like battling one's mind or policing oneself, there are no fears involved but only a constant self check of who one is in the words, thoughts and actions we act on.

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