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Re: depressed

Post by Bitia »

Hey Taylor welcome here, yes, as everyone suggested take the DIP Lite FREE Course, it will support you very much as it has supported me as well, I am realizing many things about myself.
I realize that one of my majors mind problems today is anxiety, maybe your major problem that you are facing today is feeling depressed, with DIP Lite I have been realizing that at the end, I am the one who is creating my internal experiences, thus I have the capacity to stop them as well (If I can start/create an experience= I can stop the experience).
There are many videos that can support you, and articles in the desteni website as well.
Search on youtube depression + desteni, and you will find some cool things.

Look at these videos, I have realized that depression doesn't just come "like that", like suddenly appears in your mind, it takes a process in your mind. Some things that we do in our daily lives tend to lead us to feel depressed.
Procrastination and laziness are good examples.

This is one post that I did on my blog, and you have some supportive vids regarding procrastination and discipline that I put together ... d7p2JWARUQ
check them out.

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Re: depressed

Post by Juan Pablo »

Hey Taylor, cool that you are here - and thanks guys for the support given

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Re: depressed

Post by barbara »

Hey Taylor!

Cool you're here and very cool advice given on depression and how to start opening up the underlying determining mind participation, acceptances and allowances pertaining to what you're finding yourself within and as!

With respect to scars, there are very cool creams that you can check out (for instance 'Kelocote', as it's called here in Germany, not sure if it's the same name everywhere), which my daughter has used after her surgery on her head together with a homoeopathic remedy (thiosinaminum), which is mustard seed oil. These are to enhance healing and support the damaged scarred skin to function as well as possible again. They have reduced the size of her scars so that they have become hardly noticeable, even though they have had to be reopened several times. So, it's cool to investigate supporting your body with such means too - however make sure that your starting point is self-support and not self-image/mind participation ;)

Looking forward to reading you around!

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Re: depressed

Post by Ann »

Hey Taylor,

I have been depressed myself years ago. And although our reasons are different, the feeling is the same, so I know how you feel.

What exactly went wrong with plastic surgery, if you want to tell?

The only one that can stop your depression is you, to stop the thoughts that cause you to feel like shit. Because with my own depression, I was also the only one that could and did stop it. My mom sometimes felt very powerless in this.

So the first step I would take is to write down all thoughts that cause you to feel depressed. So that you can then see what exactly is triggering this, and then use common sense and self-direction to not allow these thoughts to have power over you. For example if it about your scars, for example that it you think it makes you ugly or something... to realize that this is simply a judgement, and for example if others judge you on it it is their problem and it only shows how superficial they are. And to learn to really love yourself, not for the picture you see in the mirror, but yourself as part of life equal in fact to everything that is here. And to be patient with yourself and work on these problems step by step.

I mean (some) scars can even be a good "weeding" tool = weeding out people who only care for your looks, or about the beauty ideal our society holds (which is cultural).

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