Embarrassment over my first and last name

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Embarrassment over my first and last name

Post by Arizona »

I don't like my first or last name, they've caused me much trouble in my life and i'm not sure what to do. A possible solution I was thinking is to use instead my middle name which I have no problem with, and possibly my last name's initial. any feedback is greatly appreciated. thank you.

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Re: Embarrassment over my first and last name

Post by Marlen »

Hey Arizona,
Something that we learn in this process from consciousness to awareness is to see what kind of definitions or judgments we have placed onto our names/last names and so be able to write it out, self forgive it and let it go.
To understand more I also suggest checking out this audio at eqafe where this point is explained in all its dimensions/aspects

What's in a Name? - Quantum Systemization - Part 133

So, my suggestion is to consider that there is a way to walk through it because even if you decide to change your name to the middle one or whichever, you will still have the other names as part of your identity, so here also a realization that we cannot change some things 'out there' but we sure can change our own reactions, judgments, prejudices about our names or any other aspect of ourselves.

You can check out the audio and then also share what you've realized from it and let's keep this discussion going

Thanks for opening up!

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Re: Embarrassment over my first and last name

Post by Gian »

Hi Arizona

My name is Gian - I got some teasing happening in terms of how it sounds, where kids would say GAY ON instead of my name Gian. this I could shake off and embrace and play along with it. My Surname sounds like Robbing Birds, this was played with a few times but nothing to much.

I did have problems with my name in terms of no one knows how to spell it by just hearing it or to say it by just reading it, so I had to always say and give extra information. but no BIG problems.

perhaps if you share here with us what kind of problems you are facing with your first and last name and then assess from there?

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Re: Embarrassment over my first and last name

Post by joe kou »

As Gian suggested I would say a good way to start chipping away at this is to start laying out what actually happened. If you are uncomfortable using your actual name that's fine but what you can do is to describe what you experienced. Because at the moment your words are indicating that you in some way blame your name for your experience and that is .... well that is strange because names are just names. I suspect it has more to do with something others did or didn't do to you that you have associated with your name - and THERE is where we want to get the story and see whats what.

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