a question on self forgiveness and reactions

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Daniel Martinez
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a question on self forgiveness and reactions

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what would be the correct/best thing to do if when i'm gona apply sf on one reaction more reactions start coming up, and i can focus on the reaction that just came up but then another reaction comes up, and it just keeps on going this way and i'm just going in circles? should i stick to the initial point/reaction i intended to work on, or should i keep following the reactions that's comming up? i'm not sure what i must do here when this shit happens. i mean, i have a quite of an unstable life/mind and reactions are just coming up and before i'm done sorting out a reaction that came up - another reactions comes up, and this shit keeps going on, as in - then i look at the other reaction that came up and while looking at that one yet another reactions comes up, and so on. the thing is that if i stick to the original reaction and postpone the one's that are coming up, it's like the reactions that come up get in the way from me dealing with the initial point; but if i follow the reactions trying to sort them out one after the other (not being done with one when another one comes up) i end up not knowing what the hell is going on, ..... something like that.

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Re: a question on self forgiveness and reactions

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Hi Daniel,

I would say that initially, you may have to walk with patience in stabilizing the instability. Maybe as you start writing through one reaction, and when another comes up, you can start a list of the reactions that come up after you start on the initial reaction – and then once you’ve written it down, know it’s there for you to return to, but for now you will focus on the initial reaction to get to a point of stability with that one.

It’s all about directing ourselves as the mind. So you can actually say okay look – I see these other reactions starting to open up and show themselves to me, but right now I am working on this other point. So I will write down all the other reactions to ensure I can go back and deal with them when I have the time to do so, but for now, I am making a decision to stick to the first point and see where I can take it in terms of releasing it from my experience.

And then once you’ve walked that first reaction into a satisfied place where You’ve got some direction and understanding within it, and support for when you approach or are faced with a similar reaction in moments still to come… THEN you have created the space to look at the rest of the reactions.

So if you are feeling like there’s too much too quick, give it direction. Tell those reactions you see them and will give them the proper time and attention to understand what it is revealing to you, but if you want to stick to that first point, make that decision and stick to that first point.

I found daily writing, even just 10 minutes a day, supports in creating this overall stability in working through the mind. It’s like a daily check-in and practice to remember what this process is all about… self-direction. Becoming the directive principle. Directing our minds to a point where it becomes support as a tool, but not the boss or the master that we just follow along because it’s showing me stuff as reactions or imaginations or fantasies. Can do something every day that is physical and supports with you being physically present to start incorporating a new habit of being in the moment/aware/breathing with your body. And then the writing is another place to practice incorporating a new habit of directing yourself/your mind within writing.

There are no quick fixes here, we have to put in the work… the time and labor. We have to decide how we use moments throughout our day. So make a decision to support yourself, take it one thing at a time, one moment at a time, one day at a time.

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