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A tough programming

Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 11:29
by frank
I'm currently dealing with a tough programming, which is related to savior.

It just keeps on going back, even though I think it's forgived, I'm not sure it's still in me or not at the moment.

Every time it went back I would go quite frustrated.

How to deal with such programming when it goes back not getting anxious and just do forgiveness properly? I'm quite tortured by it.

Re: A tough programming

Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 19:24
by Gabriel
One of the things that has been said in interviews is that some programs consist of an extensive amount of layers or components.

This means that you will work with one layer/component of your program and think that you are through with it - when in fact you have just dealth with that one layer/component.

The gist of dealing with a program - and really walking it - is that you have to be prepared that a program can take quite some time to walk though and really transcend.

Therefore, when you are seemingly cycling in the 'same point', consider that perhaps you have not yet fully understood all the dimensions of this programm and all the different ways in which it CONTROLS you. Walking through a program is like changing your 'permission settings'. As long as the program is in control of you, you have still not changed one of your 'permissions'. This can be contained in a 'memory' or even in a behavior that you are not even aware of.

Remember that you created this program - therefore you 'hold the key'.

So, as you see yourself cycling in a program,
step 1: is to not judge that you are cycling within the same prorgam.
setp 2: is to continue investigating yourself within this program - which means, continue the writing, continue the self-forgiveness.

What can help is to do some 'rough writing' on the issue AS YOU FEEL IT TODAY because that writing will give you the rough materials to work with and that may unlcock the new perspective you need in order to disengage another part of this program. This you can do everytime that you feel stuck again: you write the point out AGAIN 'fresh'.

In other words, don't write the same self-forgiveness over and over again thinking eventually it will stick. You have to become flexible with self-forgiveness and be able to take it in any direction.

Re: A tough programming

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 06:22
by frank
This programming is specific for me.

Within it, I always feel depressed, which is not a good mood.

Is there a fast way to delete this program?

Re: A tough programming

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 18:34
by Marlen
No fast way, Frank.

Consider seeing it like this, it's as if you want to straighten up a plan that has been crooking for years throughout its growth... you can't just try and straighten it in one moment and have it respond well to that. We are dealing with physical matter here, with your body and all the memories and program that exist in it - there is No shortcut or simple way to change other than re-wiring as I say, redirecting yourself in every moment to change every aspect that you see you realize and understand it is best to change. It takes actual living of the corrections you lay out to get to change, and nope it doesn't happen in months or a few years... some of us realize the many years changing one point takes, some others we continue to be dealing with.

So, take Gabriel's words, not to react to it, not to judge yourself for it, but definitely ensuring that you keep working on it, which is what matters in fact, you taking the decision to change in every moment that you decide to be aware of yourself.

Some extra explanation here in the other topic you opened up