The Knowledge We Share is Power

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The Knowledge We Share is Power

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The Knowledge We Share Is POWER
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The Secret to Life Itself here - is In Sharing the Standing Awareness - the very what it in fact means to create effectively efficient Living Applications Here - Also Known as Solutions and Rewards for the very Problem Solving and Care Taking Required Best Regards.

This is a Creative Collaborative Process - Life Itself Here.

It's for Better or for Worse - Untill it's simply about Living Here as What's Best for All Life.

This is a Continuous Momentum Process of Fleshing Out our Very best Regards. That What it in fact means to create, live, test - fine tune Applications into Standing Most Excellence as the Epitome of Our Best Regards Here.

The Party is Here - it's not on Mars or the Moon it's in fact a Digging Deep and Firmly Planting our Feet on the Ground and Creating Roots in our Every Engagement as the very Peer to Peer Exchange Plays and Working Together Here - The Living our best Regards as the Recognition and Acknowldgement of Playground Planet Awesome here - the Kingdom of Heaven in Fact on The Earth and Anything Less than Greatness is Unacceptable - with the patience of the best parrent to know that we Always All Ways flesh out our growing pains - our very labor pains - the pain in birthing ourselves here as the living physical flesh here - the very self-made-flesh Here - Physically Substantial - Sound Creator Extraordinarie - the Very Who I Am.

Physically, Structurally - Sound - the very Sowing Our Cells Back together Again - taking the time to Repair, Regenrate, Destroy in the Best of Ways - All ways Always Best for All - Having firmly planted and hardwired in to the core our Oneness and Equality Source Point connection and foundation in which we branch out and expand our reach as the living from the roots up as what it means to Expand our Utmost Potential Here - Tree's of Life in Fact as the Holy Tree Man - as like holy shit we are rooted in fact from the purification of all of our epic and profound bullshit - because here as the stand up comedy as the standing up from every and all tragedy as the self-correction application solidified as the very fleshing out best standing no matter the difficulty scale adjustment.

Self-Correction 101 is the playwright and authority of what it means to live self-empowerment. It's a 24/7 playwright as the very author to the in authority and control systems here - as what it means to self-direct as the standing example of substance here.

The willigness to peer to peer exchange as our very best engagements is the earnest nature in being the expressions we are from moment to moment without worrying about permission or approval for the validity of where we are at within and as our process standing awareness - our self-honesty in fact.

it's a matter of the courage inside of the depths of our balls as the very bounce in our step to dance as to move and groove from the depth of our step as the charisma to stand in the face of fear without the dare to ever scare away from the life living investigations to the fullest as what it means to investigate all things and keep that which is good.

I realize, understand and know that Good is Soo Goood because the God is in Real Good as like the the Holy Shit of our Best Self Here - the in fact standing awareness - The very Creating and Expanding on the holy shit here - the very get it got it good.

The Knowledge we Share is Power...

Especially So when we have the courage and Honor as the The Dignity and Integrity to Test our Applications Effectiveness by No Fear Playing and Working for Real - The Epitome of our Love Made Visible in fact - Our Very Matter of fact GIFTS to Share as Who We Be Here.
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