The Art of The Chirp is the BTS - Back to Self Protocol

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The Art of The Chirp is the BTS - Back to Self Protocol

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The Art of The Chirp is the BTS

worldclassplayer (66) in philosophy ... is-the-bts

The BTS Being the "Back to Self" Protocol. The Very Art of taking every and I do mean every Offense and Bringing that into the core of ourselves here as the investigation Source Place of Holding the InnerStanding - The Place in which we Flesh Out Our Best Change - the processing center.
This may sound so abstract at the moment....lets see if I can break things down in a way that's more tangible and in fact practical for day to day plays and works.

For Myself - So much so I've had a propensity towards taking offense and fighting...about pretty much anything and everything - the lawyer to the core in me here as like I can take any side...any position and fight the shit out of it for all time high scoring regards/rewards as winning as whatever it takes to get the 'I got it W'.

Within this way of playing I've realized many things...

That my Chirps lose their effectiveness when I drift away from myself as the Source Starting Point - Where like When I get too positioned on Another's Position as Like Being Outside of Me and Beyond My Measure - I am in fact Lost for a Moment and in this state of Lostness - there's a tendency to kick, punch and scream in whatever way possible as like being in full blown attack mode as like literally a sort of ticking time bomb of sorts - now granted there's a tendency to want to control the beast within as like who dare to share the darkness of self for real - so it's like this continued waste management system of sorts where there's a common fear of our own inner fire breathing dragon...because the potency of ourselves is raw and undefined when and as we explore our moving/living expressions beyond thought and or mind control.

The world and our words are so often in reverse as the inverse is most definitely true as Above and so Below.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding what it means to Chirp for Real as like to call out everything I see for better or for worse as my way of practically living the application of self-correction here - realizing that In Asking as the one Asking the Questions and Making the Statements - stating and starting the Claims on Life Itself Here - there's a Best Regards at heart - the willingness and openness to engage in Peer to Peer Exchange as the Sharing Best Regards for Our Physical Substance Here.
I realize sometimes things get messy and life itself here is messy.

This I realize and know is why life isn't like a non dirty thing because the way our plants grow here is in the dirt and we are all extensions of the plants so to speak - so it's important to recognize how we are literally, physically getting down and dirty as our growth and maturity because it's in creating deep roots as what it means to really ground down deep here that we can embrace our best faces and live here without this caught up preconception of being far out in space or a desire to go to outer space - realizing our very best standing here is the physical on the ground here - it's the recognition that playground planet earth either burns to a crisp for everyone as a result of ourselves...our-cells becoming burnt out - or we in fact repair and regenerate our best fleshing out....shedding of skin and so begin again as what it means to be eternally one and equal as the physical sound substance here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the propensity to get roped into particular battle scenarios of sorts as like different kind of rap battles as a matter of word regards and like take to heart the offense of what I perceive as another trying to rope me into a permissioned position of agreement to which I do not agree with in fact.

I realize there's an art to the humor of the moment as it's a matter of creating the time and space for slowing everything down...literally stretching ourselves here within and as our space time play - where we make a mockery of our mistakes as a way to assist and support our mates in fleshing out the correction without getting caught in the ridiculousness of the errors of our battle scars.

I realize the art of the chirp is a together thing as the ultimate creative collaboration because within and as humor it's like there's this shared hum of humility and the same hum within humbleness as the willingness to take the low down to earth grounded view to support our mates when their ship becomes way too far out in outer space as like no worries mate I am here for you to assist with an effective and efficient smooth landing.

I realize the grace in graciousness as like the willing to walk with another with no rush in sight a timeless play that could stretch out over the course of forever as like no big deal because the consistency is consistent in living in and as the principle of, 'what it really means to live to give ' our very best regards here.

The BTS is the back to self - full time - everyday play - The very what keeps us all in fact in tact here as sound space ships - realizing, as the real eyes seeing - looking for real at the grounding standing that each is the captain of their individual ship and that all ships are in relation to each other here - as the very matter of facts that define our his and her stories here.

I realize, as my real physical eyes here to see - understand and know our best stories are within and as the willingness to walk through the difficulty of whatever it may - knowing, really seeing the utomost potential always all ways as the ver becoming out stronger and more substantial every time -
I real eyes to see and share , 'the art of the chirp' expressed another way - is the threading of the needle - the ohhh soooo smooth landing - the slow come down with style and grace as like amazing and awesome at the same time - a wow indeed as the willingness to live the freestyle structured flow of best response ability always all ways best.

I commit myself to the Art of the Chirp as the Standing Awareness and Recognition of Our Best Regards... Our BTS - Back to Self Always All Ways Here Man - Oneness and Equality.

It's funny that fun always exists in the funny - I mean it's the science of word regards - it's interesting all ways always because it's a matter of formulating the ability to articulate the specifics of our words as the very experience of ourselves - and when we stop trying to manipulate and control the very experiences of ourselves here Is when we start to unlock access to all of ourselves here as One and Equal for Realz.

It's Fun and Funny that the fun and funny has been missed in many moment of myself when and as I tried to numb and mute the pains of my growing disregards as the very beast of and as my burdens within as my very offenses and defenses to the very reality of life physicality - Myself in fact...the Me to the flipside We - The always all ways - the pro found irony - The mirror reflection - The courage inside My Balls to Word Play My Very Best Case Response ability - The Fine Tune Physical Alignment - The Equality and Oneness - The What It means Example - The Standing up and Stopping the War in the Face - The One and Equal Here - The Who I Am - Willing to Risk it All in Order to Stop the Fall.

This is What it Means to Ball for Real.


I realize each is the point of willing to risk it all to stop the fall.

It's funny because the fun inside the funny is in playing Detective with our words so to speak as what we say as the very epitome of ourselves here - the very fabric and building blocks in which we create - and it's a matter of substantiating our internal awareness as the realization and recognition that we are all part of the same earth ship here - even though we each got dope ass individual customized space ships as our very own personal broadcasting control and command centers -

To Be Continued with 'Totally Trunked Out' - Exploring What It in Fact Means to Grow and Mature as the Epitome of Living and Standing Tall

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