W. Dyer: Looking at 'The Power Of Intention'

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Re: W. Dyer: Looking at 'The Power Of Intention'

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Hey Vadim.
Yes, I have a fear. A fear to loose the job and cannot do anything with that.
So -- here you have a point, I would expand it. Expanding meaning, take a memory where you experienced that fear, and write down everything that would emerge within your mind: thoughts, imagination, reactions. And regards to practical application: have a look at what would be your approach in work -- meaning, normally when a boss is not satisfied with your work, would say it to you -- and in those occasions, as we fear, we forget practicality, in terms of asking ourselves: ok, so what is he pointing about my work, how can I correct it, who is effective in this type of work to who I can ask? Etc. Example:

"I was working, and in one moment my boss was there to tell me that the report that I gave to him was not specific enough, so I thought 'shit, what am I gonna do?!' and I just feared to be fired in that one moment, so I tried to convince my boss to see if he would change his mind, but no, it didn't worked -- and in that moment I felt really angry thinking 'he is just judging me, how nasty', and so I received my report after the argue, and I just thought 'I won't change it', but then the fear of loosing my job came in, and I worked on it under that fear, trying to do the report according to what would be good for my boss"

Ok, there you can see self's responsibility, and the consequence within these writings is quite predictable, isn't it? -- can you see it?
I was fired in December. How can I take responsibility for myself, if it is them how decided to fire me? If it is them who judged me, made decisions in respect to me? I wanted to work further on but decision was made by the management. Thus, my career depends on someone else's decisions - not mine.
Well, here you answer yourself, meaning, in your questions is the answer. How can you take responsibility for yourself if you are focusing/blaming what others do? -- is there any kind of self-responsibility?. What are you ignoring when you are looking at others decisions?.
That is basically, as I have no further context about the situation and how it played out.
Not clear how it will influence my life but I will do that.
Cool -- this suggestion still stands even within this reply.

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