2012 - What will Happen when Humanity has a Spiritual Awaken

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2012 - What will Happen when Humanity has a Spiritual Awaken

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TItle: 2012 - What will Happen when Humanity has a Spiritual Awakening?
Name: Matti Freeman
Date: 11/01/2012
URL: http://matterfreeman.blogspot.com/2012/ ... y-has.html

Many people are expecting and hoping a 'spiritual awakening' will happen in 2012, and throughout the coming years. And this 'spiritual awakening' is expected to be the necessary step that must happen before the world will become a better place. We must all 'awaken' to feelings of love and light -- we must all start saying 'I love you' to each other, and feeling feelings of inner peace and love about each other. Then the world will change. And the mission of lightworkers is to 'spread love and light' - through talking about it, and visualizing love and light streaming into other human beings, because that is how you help other humans to get to the point of having a 'spiritual awakening'.

Now, even if everyone were to suddenly have a 'spiritual awakening' in 2012 - or 2013, or 2015, or 2025, or 2090, or 3012, or 4012, or 5012, or 7777, or 8888, or 9999, or 99999999999, and started telling each other 'I am of love, I am of light', and 'I love you I love you, I am sending you light', and 'I greet you in love and light' -- all the billions of people. What then? Don't we still need to practically support each other as beings on earth? And this includes animals and plants, not just humans.

What are the first steps we take to create a new system for Earth? How do we change food production and distribution to support everyone and also not unnecessarily harm animals and plants? How will money work? How will labor work? Who will produce the food, how will we distribute it? Will someone drive trucks? Or will we have a spaceship deliver the food? Will aliens make our food for us? Will we not need food anymore? Will we just eat light? What about homes - what are the first practical steps we will take to house all the homeless and starving and poor people that exist right now? Will they be automatically housed in a house made of light and love? Or will building materials still be required? What kind of building codes will exist? How will we make sure everyone has electricity and internet and education and water and clothing and transportation?

Who will work out all these logistics? Will feelings of love and light work out these logistics for us? Do we have to wait until we are all spiritually awakened and feeling love and light before we realize what to do? Or maybe we won't have to live on Earth anymore? Will the starships of the galactic federation of light take us away to live on another planet? What about the animals and plants on earth? What about the cities and structures we've left here? Who will clean it up? Who will take care of the animals and plants that have been damaged and harmed by us within our money system due to the capitalist system?

At Desteni we are looking at these points here and now -- because, we realize the common sense that we must care for each other, we must have a system of common sense, that is based on what is best for all - we must take care of the earth here and now -- we must have a solution. And within this, feelings of love and light are completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Because, as long as my priority is to 'feel love and light', and to 'help people feel love and light' - what am I really saying? I am saying I value feelings of love and light more than coming to a practical solution to ending the problems existent right now all because of the money system that currently exists on Earth. And, really the only reason one is able to experience feelings of love and light is because one has enough money for one's self that one is able to spend time participating in ideas of love and light, and presenting one's self as being 'of love and light'. Meanwhile, billions struggle and suffer in poverty with no way out. Who are we waiting for? Are we waiting for the poor people to realize love and light and then poverty will end? Or are we waiting for the rich bankers to realize love and light? Who are we waiting for? Are we saying, we don't have the power to change the world, or that we're 'not supposed' to take direct action because then we would be 'interfering' with the 'spiritual evolution' of other humans beings, so therefore our only responsibility is to just sit back and 'feel love and light'? Really? Those of us who are middle class, with time and money to participate in spirituality -- we are apparently the ones standing as examples of what it is to be 'spiritually awakened and evolved'? Come on -- time to end this self delusion. This is separation - this is not oneness. Stop justifying the suffering of other beings, stop waiting for others to experience 'love and light' before we change the world -- that is negligence based on the delusion that the experience of 'love and light' will someone give us the insights required to create a new world. Look again -- love and light have not given you any insight into how to structure a new system for the earth - the practical consideration required -- love and light exists only as an experience of love and light that you have within yourself -- it has no practical value. Go ahead and test it out -- when you take a college course, love and light does not do your studying for you -- it is you who must study, through walking the practical steps necessary to learn and integrate the information and techniques of what you are studying.
Bringing about practical change, bringing about an actual New Age is no different -- we must walk the practical steps required to re-order the world in a way that is best for all.

Waiting for the world to have a 'spiritual awakening' where everyone will suddenly experience 'love and light' and then magically know how to change the world into a paradise, is not best for all. It is mind-entertainment - entertainment we use to keep us occupied within our own lives, justifying not taking responsibility through telling ourselves our only responsibility is to feel love and light. Come on, what kind of example are we setting for the children to come? They will learn that it is okay to accept other beings to suffer, because their suffering is part of their 'spiritual path'. That is unacceptable.

Join us at Desteni I Process where we are walking the process of stopping the mind - stopping all self delusion, and assisting and supporting ourselves to become beings that take responsibility effectively for the Earth, and for each other. www.desteniiprocess.com
Join us at Equal Money where we are researching all the points related to practically bringing about a new system that is best for all. www.equalmoney.org

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Here is a playlist of my vlogs from 2008 to the end of 2011, within which I am sharing my insights and experiences as I have been walking my process of stopping the mind and learning to look at myself and what is here with common sense and self honesty, considering what is best for all Life One and Equal.

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Re: 2012 - What will Happen when Humanity has a Spiritual Aw

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It is very good to breath, forgive ourself, and all that we do here on Desteni, but we need to be actif aswell to inform human beings about everything that is going wrong on our beautifull planet. Not only inform on the internet, but on the streets, like for example in this videos:



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