2012 – The Dark-Side of The Bright-Side of Life

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2012 – The Dark-Side of The Bright-Side of Life

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2012 – The Dark-Side of The Bright-Side of Life
http://annabrixthomsen.com/2012/01/23/2 ... ight-side/

The Dark-Side of the Bright-Side is a clear indication of where we as human beings are in 2o12 and reveals not only the road ahead of us but also the path we have already walked. In this article we investigate exactly that.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this picture on Facebook in the group ”I love cats” of a little scared kitten, posted as a ”this is so cute!” by the people in the group. I stared at the picture and experienced an anger, not so much as an emotional experience, more as a ”WTF?” – within seeing something that I had not realized before. This picture was clearly abusive, someone taking a picture of a scared cat and posting it as ”cute”. What struck me was not so much the abuse itself as it has become customary to see abusive pictures none the less on Facebook – so what struck me was this entirely absurd contradiction between ”cuteness” and abuse – that the same people that claimed to ”love cats” where the same people that celebrated this picture of a scared cat as though it was the cutest and sweetest thing they had ever seen.

So I started looking at this point: How can this be?

That a picture can be presented to us, so clearly, yet we completely fail to see what is right before our very eyes. What is that mechanism in our minds that manages to twist how we perceive an image so profoundly from abuse and suffering to cuteness? Later I shall share a different example that places this into further perspective, but for now lets remain with the example of the kitten.

When people look at this picture and see cuteness instead of a scared cat, it is because of several points. We have come to distance ourselves from animals to such an extent that we see them as cartoon characters, as toys and things, rather than living, breathing beings with their own expression. We have placed ourselves as god over animals, the world and each other and as such we believe that we have an intrinsic right to do with the animal as we please, that we know best – and we justify ourselves however we can that this is our love for animals that we are displaying when we dress them, take pictures of them and display them as our prized possessions.
Furthermore, the fact that we see something that is abusive as being cute, shows us that something has happened to our sense of perception where we no longer SEE what is Here, but instead SEE a twisted version of reality where everything is turned upside down into cute images and show tunes, always safe, always light and loving.

This is the world of entertainment in all its nooks and cracks that are constantly lit into all corners of our minds and our world, with loud music and colors as though we were constantly on the kind of mental torture, where the POW’s (or cult members) are exposed to constant sounds, light and sleep deprivation to break them down to complacency.

A couple of days ago I came across a new image. This one is depicting a man attempting to fish from a waterhole in the middle of the street. The people sharing this picture saw it as being funny and quirky and did not stop for a second to consider the conditions through which such an image would come about. That this man is attempting to fish from a holy in the road, properly because he is so desperate to sustain himself and his family, having no job or access to money, having taken this desperate measure of attempting something that is impossible.

Now, the fact that people do not see such an image for what it is, is not because they are bad people or that they would be good people if they did see it, it is because we have literally trained our eyes, our vision and perception, to see something else than what is Here.
We are seeing from within, as and through our own limited mind-reality, where everything that is real is kept safely at bay, so that we don’t have to face what is here and so that we don’t have to face our own actual experiences. So we create this love-and-light explanations of what is here, where everything makes perfect sense and where there is always a benevolent god behind even the most horrific atrocities, or we simply tune-in to entertainment only with the excuse that we’d rather stay positive and look at the “bright side of life” – when in fact that bright side is a part of what causes animal-abuse, poverty and suffering as we shall see.

So we deny what is here in a way we can justify for ourselves: “It is sad, but what can I do about it?” or: “There is a meaning with everything, just wait and see: god has a plan.”

And as everyone joins in the choir claiming that the emperor does in fact have his pants on, the world keeps moving and turning. Sometimes a child will call-out the bullshit and scream “but he does not have any pants on!” but they soon learn to get in-line and keep their mouths shut – and as everyone is telling themselves and each other the same stories, the child starts losing self-trust in what it sees as real and starts believing that there must be something wrong with it, since everyone else is saying that the world is fine and filled with sunshine. The child sees no other option than to accept what it – it too has to survive after all.

Recently I came across an advertisement for a new luxury hotel that offers the customers to sleep in the tree-branches in lovely huts created to get an extraordinary experience. I sent the link to a friend participating with Desteni, but who is quite new to Desteni and she replied by saying that it looked like a dreamhouse and that something like this could be cool.

I was surprised at her reaction, because when I saw the advertisement, I immediately thought: “wtf?” Here someone comes up with yet another luxury scheme to make money alongside rich people’s desire for “new” and “more” when all that money, energy and resources could be spent to build-up the entire world, to create a wonderful living space for all species on earth, as something that would be a benefit to all. And I looked at how this is indicative for the abusive ignorance we as westerners walk-with our world through believing that what is happening in Africa or Asia or South America has absolutely no connection to what we are doing here in Europe or in the U.S.

What I learned from this is that I cannot simply assume that someone sees the same as me. And the only reason I do see, is because I have been assisted to break through the veil of bullshit disguised as love-and-light I had clued in front of my eyes, by people who dared to investigate why everyone believes that the emperor is fully dressed, when he is so clearly not. People who did not accept, who could simply not accept that what everyone says is true, must be so. So they started investigating for themselves what is actually going on in the world and why we exist the way we do.

And so I have through that started to assist myself to push through this layer of sweetness and positivity as self-deception that was covering my entire sight, vision and being start educating myself to understand what is in fact here. It has been a process from where I started where I experienced so much fear and resistance towards looking at what is here, simply depicted in documentaries and newspaper articles, but eventually I pushed myself to SEE and slowly but surely I started understanding how thwarted and contorted my view on my world and reality had been.

I realized that we have been brainwashed and have brainwashed ourselves to such an extent that we are literally unable to SEE what is right in front of our eyes. So to start actually SEEING, we require a total re-education of our perception and vision, not to mention the mental visualizations that have become so popular.

An example of the extremities to which I went to justify not seeing or taking responsibility for the world or myself in it, was with regards to the spiritual explanations that I had adapted into and a my vocabulary and inner vision. I believed that the people starving in Africa was in fact super-souls that was so cool and strong and advanced that they had taken the utmost challenge on of being suffering and starving and that this was a part of their soul-journey to free themselves from the bounds of the flesh.

I even remember when I conjured up this belief based on snippets from books and talks with other enlightened beings. In the initial stages of my spirituality-brainwash I could not make sense of why people were suffering. Since childhood it had seemed completely unnecessary to me.

But with this new-found spirituality that claimed that everything happened for a reason and was working according to a divine plan and that I had to detach myself from all earthly experiences, I had to come up with something to justify my own position in comparison to the people that are starving and conjure of a bullshit version of “we are all in this together”. I did that so that I did not have to face myself or the actuality of what is here in and as this world and actually bring myself to self-responsibility and self-honesty in realizing, seeing and understanding that the world is the way it is, because of who I have allowed myself to be and become.

It is a process to start ripping off the veil from our eyes, but it is a necessary process to walk to in fact change what is here and create the lives we’ve only so far dared dreaming of. It is also a process we can only walk through in self-honesty for ourselves, yet at the same time together, exactly as it is together we have tacitly agree to never face what is here, so that each can go about doing what they want without any considerations for the consequences.

Once we start SEEING, we cannot not see, yet it is a continuous process of making sure that we do not conjure up yet another cloak of self-deception to cover our eyes with.

The solution we always have looked for is here. The solution to never again experience fear or anxiety or feeling less-than. The solution to being forced to have shitty jobs that we hate and pretend that we love. The solution to the voices in our head that we just can’t seem to get to shut up. The solution to feeling depressed and wanting to die. The solution to suffering, starvation and war.

The solution is simple: To change what is here we require changing ourselves first, physically, practically, literally and not simply change the ideas in our head about who we are. In order to change ourselves, we require SEEING and understanding what is here and how and as whom we have created ourselves.

Only within being self-honest about what is here, both within and as the world and within and as our own secret minds, can we start actually SEEING and from there make a directive decision to change.

This is what we are doing at Desteni and we walk together to ensure and cross-reference that each of us are not within and as the mind, conjuring up new justifications and by sorting out the ones that already are, one by one – seeing: “who am I within this?”, “how did I create this pattern?” “what does it mean that I am directly self-responsible for the world?”.

See – these are the questions that no-one has ever dared asking themselves and the ENTIRE entertainment-machine is created and designed deliberately in the spirit of ignorance and self-deception to make sure that we at all times are kept docile and dreaming, believing in a here-after or an after here that is not so bad as we actually experience ourselves. And it is as such that our bright side creates and is directly responsible for the dark side as conditions that other human beings must live under and within, just so that we can keep pretending that we are not responsible for the creation of this world. So how to re-program oneself and one’s vision?

One can simply start with looking at the practicality of these images and let go of the idea of what it looks like in your head. Look at what is here, what is real. There are for example 3 billion people that are jobless in the world, in a population of 7 billion. Of those 3 billion, 2 are living in poverty for fewer than 2 Dollars pr. Day and 1 billion is literally starving from birth to death. 1 billion of our fellow human beings, 1 billion of our neighbors, 1 billion of our brothers and sisters are existing in suffering.

So we begin the process of re-educating ourselves back to earth and getting our head out of the clouds. At Desteni we come together on the forum where we write ourselves out and share ourselves with each other and it is a cool support, not only that there is someone else who is also starting to SEE what is actually here, but also that the points they share about themselves are exactly the points we experience within and as ourselves, but that we often have never talked to anyone about or even shared with ourselves, because we have deemed it as too shameful or stupid or bad and instead suppressed ourselves in total self-abdication. Finally there is someone saying and exposing all the points we have always thought to be real, but never dared to speak out loudly.

In walking-with Desteni, we teach ourselves to forgive ourselves in self-honesty, so that we can directly FACE what is here and start seeing how each of us are directly and equally responsible, not only for the world being the way it is, but for changing it as well. We are here to assist and support ourselves and each other to face what is here in self-honesty and through self-forgiveness and self-direction, change what is here so that we can create a world we would in fact like to be born into.

Join us at Desteni – Dare to Care. Vote for an Equal Money System to ensure all beings a dignified life. Visit the Destonians network where also a brand new wiki is in the process of being created. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg and Youtube and start the process of re-educating yourself out of the clouds in your mind, so that we together can sort this earth out.

See the Video 2012 – The CUTE and FUNNY Cloak of Self-Deception where I expand on these points

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