2012 - The Dark Side of Reality is in your Mind

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2012 - The Dark Side of Reality is in your Mind

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2012 - The Dark Side of Reality is in your Mind
http://annabrixthomsen.com/2012/01/29/2 ... your-mind/

In this blog series I am writing about the Dark Side of 2012, showing and exposing the trends and events of 2012 as indicative for who, what and where we as humanity are living within and as, as the dark sides, the secret sides of all the things we usually see as perfectly normal, yet which with an investigation reveals a side of humanity that is not pretty, progressive or evolved and that more than often show that the word ‘humane’ is a synonym for abuse and inequality and not for a benevolent advanced race.

If you have been reading the last Dark Side of 2012 blog I wrote called The Dark Side of the Bright Side of Life, you know that I was exposing how images that we as humans see as funny and cute, actually reveal a thwarted vision with which we are viewing our world, where we can even make abuse and suffering look as though it is cute and funny. If you have not yet read it, I suggest reading it before continuing with this blog as I will use it as a background reference.

In this blog I am revealing yet another of such points, yet this time the image is more explicit within its theme and within how it directly serves as a ‘snapshot’ of the rawness and brutality that is a part of humanity, yet which has been thwarted into an ‘innocent’ and funny image and as such revealing a collective deception that has emerged in the separation of and from ourselves here as life.

The image depicts a woman sucking on a dildo attached to a cake. Behind her a child aged somewhere between 4-6 years old displays an expression of shock. This image was again posted on Facebook as yet another “funny picture” but upon further investigation it is clear that it is not.

In the video I created to this video I talk about the point of sexuality and what the picture thus is a snapshot of in relation to sexuality and how sexuality is perceived as ‘empowering’ and ‘liberating’ for women as well as men, when in fact what it symbolizes is the utmost enslavement, separation and limitation within how the pinnacle of sexual expression is depicted as the ‘cumshot’ or ‘moneyshot’, (the expression used in porn for male ejaculation), or as here the woman sucking the man’s penis. For reference in relation to the points of sexuality I will be discussing here, I therefore refer to the video The Dark Side of a Dildo. The video interview What is Sex - Overview is also FREE to download to expand one's understanding of what sex has been created as and for in this world and reality.

In this blog, I will focus on the point of how this image is seen as ‘innocent’ and ‘funny’ and I will show the Dark Side that is actually hiding behind such ‘neutralization’ and ‘normalization’ of something that is in its nature abusive and brutal.

When I looked for the image on Google, I found it on a forum, where comments had been placed. These comments reveal exactly how such a picture is seen in relation to how sexuality is presented and shows the disconnect with which we as humans see such an image. The following comments are real. I have altered nothing but the layout.

cOckwarmer: excuse me I wanted to eat that
akingu: SEE little Rosa? This is what you'll be doing to your daddy when you're 4!
crackerkiller5: mommy?
Anonymous: ...wtf
Hughbie: wtf? And there is a black donger as well? And more kids? WTF?
Anonymous: lol its the kids birthday
Moose: I am genuine confuse.
chrisy: she should see a doctor about that tongue
Anonymous: OMG WTF
Anonymous: parenting win!!!
Anonymous: im in awe and pure fuckin amazement
Terrorist Hunter: Holy Shit! WTF? Whole new meaning to "Blow out the Candles?"
Anonymous: those crazy mexicans....
KoKoKoB8: this is shopped, south of the border niggers cant afford cake.
Anonymous: ^^ I LOLd
akingu: as Uncle Joe hid beneath the table, wondering how his joke would turn out, better than he thought was the conclusion...
sunseterat: look see i can be very witty and suck a dick. wow never seen that b4
Anonymous: I don't doubt your ability to suck a dick... I have yet to see you ever be witty though
Anonymous: whore training... if you do it right you get some cake.
andy39eck: pedo shit this is
O.C. 69er!: Stupid Fuckin Beaners!
mantore: this is the family trade hun
Anonymous: this is really fucked up
Anonymous: lol @ blow out the candles
poopalotacus: HAPPY STINKY DA MAYO!
tania95: Good mom.. The right way for teach the facts of life to her daugh *LOL*
Squirrely1: Now copy what mommy does...You will win a puppy... :))))
Anonymous: This is phonogram...
Anonymous: suck it
Anonymous: wow, talk about teaching them young. lol
SMF: Meanwhile, in Europe....
Anonymous: hey mom, you doing it wrong
Anonymous: Does anyone know why??
Anonymous: the chocolate one is coming... the look on that girls face is priceless. "MUM! You are embarassing me in front of my friends"

5 of these comments are directly racist, 8 are directly joking about and positively referring to sexual abuse of children and incest, 9 comments are displaying shock or disgust, 4 comments suggest that this is simply funny, 3 comments are looking at the image from the perspective of the child, yet in a joking manner and only 1 comment is asking the question “why?”
So if we for a moment do an experiment where we take these comments as a poll on how humanity is placing itself, it is clear that there is a majority of people who do not see anything remotely wrong with such a picture and who in fact laugh, make jokes and even suggestions as to the child being sexual, as akingu that says SEE little Rosa? This is what you'll be doing to your daddy when you're 4!

This is a comment made on a public website, available directly through Google and this comment is suggesting openly (yet under a fake profile name) that this child will be exposed to oral sex with her father. Both tania95 and Squirrely1 suggests that this is a mother learning her child how to give oral sex. Tania95 says: Good mom.. The right way for teach the facts of life to her daugh *LOL*And Squirrely1says: Now copy what mommy does...You will win a puppy... :)))) Mantore suggests with his comment that this is the family trade hun and as such implied within the words that the mother is a prostitute. Anonymous does also not hide how he sees this image and directly calls it whore training... referring to the child that if you do it right you get some cake.

As we can see here the association with sexual abuse of children is directly expressed as a joke, that if we were to ask these people why they have posted these comments, would properly say that “it’s just a joke.” – But at the same time there is no such thing as just a joke. These images and associations that are made here are coming directly from within and as these people’s minds and it is impulsed by a system that sees porn as “harmless and innocent fun” yet which celebrates the violence, degradation and abuse that comes with it. This is not only in actual pornographic movies, but also in music videos advertisements, computers and movies that are displayed publically and that is approved by politicians and public society alike.

A certain hardness (no pun intended) has engulfed us, where being hard in the double sense of the word is seen as ‘progressive’, ‘modern’ and ‘liberated’, yet which Dark Side – the one that people only share with themselves in the secret of their own mind or online where there is no prosecution or consequences - is brutal and directly violent in its nature.
What we can see here is a total disconnect from physical reality and what actually exists here, within how such an image is on one hand displayed as “innocent fun” yet at the same time clearly being associated positively with violence and abuse against children and women.

The same can be seen within the racist comments where Anonymous calls the women and children on the picture those crazy mexicans... and where KoKoKoB8 refers to the image as being shopped, south of the border niggers cant afford cake.O.C. 69er! Goes as far as calling the woman and children Stupid Fuckin Beaners!

What is interesting about these comments is that they supposedly through their racist remarks shows a dismay towards the image, yet their comments stand in complete agreement with the view in porn where people that are not white, are most often displayed directly in racist scenes and are paid the least amount of money in the industry, here specifically black and Mexican women.

Thus the comments stand in a point of self-deception to oppose the exact viewpoint that they represent, not to mention that the majority of the porn produced is produced in San Fernando Valley in California in the United States. An image such as this one is exactly not indicative of specifically Mexican or non-American culture, but in fact the American culture that not only in porn, but also through the mainstream media promulgates the abuse of women and children through hiding the abuse behind and within entertainment, such as for example seen within the television program Toddlers and Tiaras.

Several commenters expresses shock or discontent primarily through the “Wtf!” , but none of these takes their shock and discontent t to any form of discussion of what is actually implied within such an image or bring the point to a public debate or exposure. Instead their comment is posted as a form of separation from the image they are seeing as if saying “let me get the hell away from this, I got nothing to do with this” instead of actually bringing the point back to self in and as self-responsibility. I have shared more on this point in the previous blog post on this point.

Only one single commenter asks: “Why?” - Why is there a women sucking on a dildo stuck in a cake and why is there a small child watching her? This shows how little we as humans actually question our reality and the images we are exposed to on a daily basis and it shows how we can exist in parallel universes within our very own minds, where one part is the “light” public personality where we say “it was just a joke” and “porn is just harmless fun”, where the other part actually gets hard thinking about child abuse and racism.

One major issue within this point is exactly this separation of our actual inner realities from the physical reality – the inner reality that is getting free reign online, because we don’t have to stand accountable for our words – our words that are also actions, within how we live those very words, by becoming them within expressing ourselves in and as them and thus validating them as real and acceptable.

And we can see these inner realities directly reflected in the world through how porn is more and more being seen and promoted as “fun” through reality shows and recording artists promoting porn actresses, yet where the amount of rapes, sex trafficking and domestic violence is simultaneously and rapidly increasing.

The policies are on the other hand not changing and neither is the common public opinion, here shown as an extreme example, yet valid none the less as it serves as a snapshot to show a part of humanity that rather stay in the darkness. Yet this darkness is being kept neatly tugged away by the very system that is supposed to protect us from harm, abuse and inequality.
As much as people do not have to stand accountable for their actions as words online, neither do we stand accountable in fact for the consequences of our words and actions within how they are directly creating and manifested a reality of disconnection, of brutality, of abuse and inequality.

The people behind these comments can make these comments freely because they exist within and as a system, where no one is accountable or responsible for what is here – or for whom we are here. Politicians are corrupt and everyone knows it, corporations exploit and abuse workers in the poor countries and we know it, oil companies are buying land and sea access and are destroying the local environment and we know it, billions of animals are being brutally produced, kept and slaughtered for human consumption, we know – and we gladly eat it.

And we gladly eat this image that teaches a child that how to be a women is to go down on a man until he ejaculates and that a man is nothing more than his penis and we twist and turn it to fit our inner imaginary reality where everything looks even more dark than what the picture in fact displays, of a low race of humans that is no good for anything than fucking or a child and a mother that is also no good for anything than fucking.

The acceptance and allowance behind these comments - including the fact that no one does anything about it, is exactly why thousands of children are trafficked as sex workers every year and why whole areas in India, Thailand and other places are dedicated to the selling and purchasing of sex with children. It happens in the darkness that is impoverished countries, and within how Western men travel outside their polished lives to commit these crimes in broad daylight.

It is about time that we address these secret realities and start standing accountable for their creation and what they create and manifest within and as our physical realities.

We got to start with asking why and how such an image comes about and what it says about us as a whole of humanity, because if we do not bring these points up to the surface from the depths of the secret mind, they will accumulate and they will dictate our world and our reality as well as ourselves.

Each of us has to expose our own inner darkness – darkness as the traditional sense of “evil” within a deliberate pleasure in abuse and suffering of others and darkness as the deliberateness of keeping certain parts of ourselves secret, to not have to face the consequences of our lived actions.

No matter what we participate in, in our world and our reality, we create what is here collectively. We simply have to looking in self-honesty at what it actually is that goes on inside us and “who” we really are, within these parts that we’ve kept secret, even from ourselves, to understand that what is manifested in the world of brutality and abuse is directly reflecting and created by what each of us have allowed ourselves to exist within and as.

Dare to expose the Darkness of the secret of the mind - and do not let the Light be the Lie with which we hide from ourselves, in the belief that our inner realities are “just for fun” – when the reality they manifest is clearly not.

Investigate Desteni – where we dare to expose and speak about the secrets of the mind in equal self-responsibility. Participate in unveiling the world as self and begin the process of stopping and standing up from, within and as the secret reality of the mind that believes it to be free from consequence and that has free reign on our direct command. Learn how to face yourself in self-honesty and how to through self-forgiveness stand up and purify yourself within taking self-responsibility for who and what you have allowed yourself to be and become.

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