2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Parts 1&2

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2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Parts 1&2

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Title: 2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 1
Name: Matti Freeman
URL: http://www.matterfreeman.com/2012/01/20 ... ality.html

In 2012, when I ascend into a higher vibrational existence, how will I participate in existence? How will I participate in relation to Earth, and all the beings on Earth? Will I be off in a beautiful, colorful, glowing reality, filled with a constant experience of bliss, within which I no longer see what is happening on Earth? Will I no longer see and hear about people starving, people living in poverty, animals beings abused, nature being destroyed? Will these things not matter to me? What will matter to me when I am an ascended being of light and love in the 5th dimension? What matters to me now, here on Earth, as I am still living out my current life?

Obviously money matters, because money is what I need to buy food, water, clothes, a house, gas for my car, electricity, my internet bill, new computers, a camera, books, movies, etc, etc -- money is the resource that enables me to live comfortably while I am on Earth - and isn't it only because I am comfortable, and do not need to worry about my survival, that I am then able to focus on visualizing what my experience will be like once I ascend out of Earth into a higher vibrational existence? So - are the things that matter to me while I am living my life, right now, here on Earth: Money, and my ability to visualize and participate in experiences of light and love, higher dimensions, energy I experience within myself, colors, auras, etc? I know I tell myself and others that I am setting a good example of how humans should live, by spending my time focusing on love and light, listening to soothing music, meditating, talking about love and light, and experiencing energy within myself -- but, do I really understand how to set an example of how human beings should be participating and living on Earth, when the whole starting point of my participation is waiting blissful expectation of experiencing a higher, more fun, more light and color filled reality once I ascend? I mean, isn't the example I am setting, that human beings should spend all their time visualizing higher realities of colors, energy, bliss, starships, aliens, higher beings, glowing shapes, while at the same time repeating to each other: I love you, I love all, love is everything, all we need is love, everything is love, we are light, I am of light, light is who we really are, I am of compassion, I feel compassion and love towards everything? And, how does such a starting point of participation sort out the problems on Earth? How does such a starting point of participation ensure that the world we create is one within which any being can be born, at any time, anywhere, in an environment of total support, where no one experiences any needless suffering? Because, as a spiritual being, shouldn't my starting point be that of doing whatever it takes to ensure that suffering and abuse and separation does not exist? And, isn't the priority reality, the priority dimension to focus on, to participate in, to sort out, the reality, the dimension of the Physical Reality as Earth? Because, we are already here on Earth, together in the Physical -- I mean, the higher dimensions I am waiting to experience, aren't even here -- I have to visualize and imagine them in my mind -- but, I have been here in the Physical Reality as Earth, since I was born - even before I started participating in spirituality, even before I started visualizing love and light and higher dimensions. And, if I am truly of compassion, of love, of oneness, of care, of concern for other beings -- isn't it common sense to focus on the Physical Reality as Earth that we are all sharing, and do whatever it takes to come to a solution to end suffering and abuse on Earth, the suffering and abuse of my fellow beings here in existence? Or is my starting point that of focusing only on my own experience? Only on my own 'outcome' as 'my eventual experience of higher dimensions of bliss and colors and love and light' - where, once I have entered into my visualized higher dimensional experience when I have ascended, I will no longer need to see and hear about what exists on Earth, because I will tell myself that I have transcended Earth? How can I have transcended Earth, how can I be an example of living in oneness, living in love, living in care of all beings as my equals, as one with me, when I accept something called spirituality that defines 'love' and 'oneness' as participating here on Earth from the starting point of 'preparing myself' to 'enter into a higher dimension'? Shouldn't my starting point be that of preparing Earth, creating Earth, Structuring Earth into an environment that supports all Life?

How can I have transcended the Dimension of Earth as the Physical, when all as one as equal have not created Earth as Heaven for All? Wouldn't we only have transcended the need to exist in a space time, Physical reality, once we are all Here, Equal and One with and As the Physical - not separate from the Physical, but existing As the Physical in Fact - wherein the Physical is Ourselves - as One Dimension -- and wherein we as One Dimension All do what is Best for All? Just as in an Ocean, where all currents as 'individualized expressions' are Here in One Dimension as the Ocean, and All participate from the SAME starting point as doing what is best for All as the Ocean as Self? Wouldn't a starting point of 'ascending into a higher dimension' wherein I am no longer participating Here in and as the Physical as Earth, indicate separation? Indicate self interest? Indicate a desire to not be Here on Earth, taking responsibility to create Heaven on Earth for All? Why would I want heaven for myself - but not heaven for All Equal? Doesn't the very concept of 'Heaven' imply that suffering does not exist anywhere, that abuse does not exist anywhere? Doesn't the very concept of Heaven imply only One Dimension within which All are Equals and One as Heaven? How can heaven exist if it is not Who we Are in fact, as All as One as Equal?

Title: 2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 2: To Each His Own
Name: Matti Freeman
Date: 31/1/2012
URL: http://www.matterfreeman.com/2012/01/20 ... ty_31.html

In 2012, it is time to seriously evaluate our starting point as an individual, here, participating on Earth. Because, when we for a moment take ourselves out of our 'spiritual experience', and simply stand here on Earth, in the physical, no inner experience of light and colors and fantasy and imagination, no feelings of love and bliss and hopeful expectation of some magnificent event of 'change' that is 'going to happen', when we simply look with our eyes, simplistically at what is here, it is evident in simply looking at what exists on Earth, that we as Humanity are living within the statement 'to each his own'. I mean, 'to each his own' is the fundamental starting point of our Capitalist money systems - to each his own profit. And 'to each his own' is the fundamental starting point of Religion and Spirituality - in seeing that the pursuit one engages in is to 'pursue and develop and find my personal relationship with god, with higher self, with love and light, with aliens, with source', to basically experience the 'profits' of one's endeavor within Religion of Spirituality as 'getting into heaven', 'experiencing energy', 'flying around in spaceships', 'experiencing bliss all the time'. And, Self Honestly, when one has achieved this 'profit', whether profit in money or profit in energy as feelings, then one is 'satisfied'. When one has established a relationship with 'god', or with 'source', or with 'love', and has 'found' the point that 'makes me feel like I have purpose' - then one is satisfied to 'sit back', and 'enjoy the ride' until death - and Self Honestly, one really does not spend one's time considering in every moment how to sort out the system on Earth to be one that is best for all, one that supports everyone. Because, to do so would make one's personal religion and pursuit of personal profit as money or energy as feelings - irrelevant. To sort out the system on Earth would require one to stand as all other beings and ask one's self how can I design a world, a system in which me as all as one as equal is equally supported? One would have to consider what is best for all -- and within that one would have to give up one's 'free choice' as 'to each his own freedom of self religion and self profit'.
To each his own...

To each his own is 'to each his own experience of self interest'. I mean this is the obvious implication, the obvious acceptance, where the individual wants and desires 'freedom of choice', 'freedom of belief', 'freedom of religion'. The point that has been missed within this, is what is being Allowed within the Acceptance of these 'individual freedoms'. In Accepting my individual starting point to be that of 'I want and must have my freedom of choice, freedom of belief, freedom of religion', I Allow the freedom for all others, one and Equal to my OWN starting point, to create a religion of 'my own individual experience' - within which one is not considering a key point: what is best for all. One is giving everyone permission to not consider what is best for all. Within this one is actually isolating one's self from all other beings in existence, and within this Accepted self starting point thus Allowing and giving everyone permission for everyone to follow their own isolated self religion, making their individual self religion their entire 'purpose and point of being here on Earth' - the self religion of freedom of rape, the self religion of freedom of greed, the self religion of competition and winning, the self religion of bliss, the self religion of making profit as money, the self religion of being a vegetarian, the self religion of being a vegan, the self religion of sex and masturbation, the self religion of porn, the self religion of sex enslavement, the self religion of animal abuse, the self religion of depression, the self religion of drugs, the self religion of style, the self religion of atheism, the self religion of nihilism, the self religion of not giving a fuck, the self religion of entertainment, the self religion of art, the self religion of freedom of ignoring the mess on earth just trying to have fun until one dies, I mean the list goes on and on and on. And within this, what is not being acknowledge or seen by those within spirituality, within religion, within 'trying to make a difference', is that all of these self religions are only possible if one has one thing: MONEY. I mean, half the world is in poverty - with a billion starving. Do these people have 'freedom'? No - these people are forced by their circumstance into a starting point of survival, of doing whatever it takes to survive. And I mean, that is their 'own lot' they've been given by virtue of their birth and condition.

So in saying 'to each his own', we are also isolating those who are starving and struggling to survive into their 'own bubble', 'separate from me', saying 'to each his own to deal with what he has been given', 'it is the starving person's own responsibility to sort out his condition'. And we are also saying 'it is the Earth's own responsibility to sort out its own condition', 'it is the animals own responsibility to sort out their condition'.

Within such an Accepted individual starting point, how can we ever have a world that supports life? How can we ever have a world where everyone does what is best for all as the group, so that everyone can have a dignified life on Earth? So that we are living effectively with Nature? So that we are living effectively with the Animals? In 2012 it is time to realize that we must give up 'to each his own', and rather focus on 'to each I must give what I would like for myself', and so I must give everyone a system that supports everyone with the basic things I see support me: food, water, a home, access to education, technology, implements with which to explore creativity in art and music, proper nutrition, transportation - I mean, these are really obvious points that EVERYONE should have access to, and within this, take responsibility within our current condition, our current circumstance, to do what is required to make this world the place is must be - a place that supports life. So, obviously we must realize that there are billions of people who do not have enough money to be able to take responsibility to sort out their condition, to create a new system. Thus, those of us with money, those of us with time, those of us with access to education, to information, to technology, to politics, to leadership -- we are the ones who must bring about a real change. And obviously we have now established that this will not be possible if each participates within a starting point of the Religion of Self as Self Interest. No - each must stand Equal Here on Earth, and make the SAME considerations. Each must take responsibility, self responsibility to sort out their individual starting point - to identify and stop the religion of self within self, that self has Accepted and Allowed self to create self as and participate within, so that one as the individual can Stand Here, on Earth, clear, free from inner distractions and conflicts of Self Interest, to be able to dedicate one's life to sorting out the system on Earth.

I understand many do not want to hear this, many do not want to give up their 'freedom of self religion', because, it is just so EASY to make up 'my own truths', and 'make myself feel good', and focus only on myself and my experience. But, where has such a starting point gotten us as Humanity? We, within the starting point of the Religion of Self have created this world as a mess of abuse, of war, of conflict, of destruction, of total negligence of the actual, real SOURCE we share. The source that gives us the fuel we need to participate in our Religion of Self - the Physical, the Earth. It's time to stop using the Earth, using the Physical, to generate individual, energetic, mental alternate realities of Self Interest within ourselves, through our Minds. It is time to stop Mining the Physical, and Mining the money system for money and energy to fuel our Religion of Self as MINEd. It is time to start MINDING what is best for all. It is time to start MINDING that billions are suffering needlessly in poverty. In sorting out the system on Earth, and bringing about a new system of Equality based on the actual consideration of how to support ourselves, the animals, and nature effectively, we can end the very problems, the very ugliness that has caused us to react in fear and desperately search for a 'way out' through religion and spirituality and entertainment within our Minds. When we have taken responsibility to end the ugliness of a system of separation, a system of 'to each his own', and give everyone a system of real support to live effectively, live with dignity, live with the support to really develop ourselves as Life, instead of being forced to develop as a conditioned robot of survival and self interest due to a system of survival and self interest, when we are all Here, doing what is Best for All - then we all have freedom of Expression as Life, where Freedom is the freedom from creating, accepting and allowing consequences as outflows of Who we Are, that are not Best for All. When we are all doing what is best for all, and have given everyone the support we need to not have to resort to conflict and violence and competition for survival, when we are no longer using and abusing the Physical, the Earth for our own individual pursuit of profit as 'having more than another', and 'making myself feel good while billions suffer' -- when we are born, live in a way that is best for all, and die, and Earth remains as Heaven for All - then we can say we stand as an example of how to live effectively in the Physical, on Earth, in the best way possible.

Stop the 'light work' of the religion of self, and get down to the real work, the physical work, the physical participation required to sort this world out. It's 2012 - it's time to stop waiting for ourselves.

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