Make 2012 YOUR Year.

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Make 2012 YOUR Year.

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Make 2012 YOUR Year ... your-year/

You can make 2012 YOUR year. You can create the life of your dreams and make this year YOUR turn to make it. I am going to share the secret how. So while we are waiting for 2012 to reveal whether or not it is indeed a year of transformation, let’s first have a look at another Dark-Side. Walking through this point will reveal exactly why 2012 will be your year and how you can support yourself to make it happen for you right here - right now.

“This is my year!"

“Now it is my turn."

“My time has come”.

This and these statements are often being expressed by beings that have had a rough life economically as well as socially and personally and who have come to believe that their “time has come” to get the good life, the one perfect partner, the good job, live the dream or whatever they have come to believe will free them from their current experience.

I noticed it when I was watching American Idol, where many people would describe their hardships in life, how they had lost jobs, houses or family members or how they or some of their family members had been sick. Some had been bullied in school or had had parents that were drug addicts and as such all of them came with the dream and the hope that this would be their “time to shine”, to “get on top” and obviously to make a lot of money to get them out of the situation they were currently in.

Now these statements are closely tied in with the American Culture and its notion of the “American Dream” defined by James Truslow Adams in 1931 as: "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" referring to the migration from Europe to the American continent and the dream of a starting over in a new life, of which many prospered. It is further more related to the pursuit of happiness that within the declaration of independence states not only that “All men are equal” but also that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" including "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The creation of the United States of America thus became the symbol of starting over in a way where prior notions of class and hierarchy among people would be reset so that each would be free to create a life for themselves in which they could prosper and where only the stars were the limit to their ability to pursue happiness.

So if this is indeed no so, why are all Americans not happy or rich or prosperous? In 2009 it was estimated that more than 45 million Americans were living in poverty. That number is only increasing as many more lose their jobs and houses in the wake of a recession that at first might had seemed like a little bump on the road, but which now more resembles a mountain of desperation and despair for all those people that are forced to live in their car or choose between food for their children and medical care for themselves. The U.S poverty rate is by OECD ranked the worst of all the developed countries. According to an estimate by the Huffington Post, the top-earning 20 percent of Americans – those making more than $100,000 each year – received 49.4 percent of all income generated in the U.S., compared with the 3.4 percent made by the bottom 20 percent of earners, those who fell below the poverty line, according to the new figures.

As 1 of every 5 children in the U.S is living in poverty yet are told that they are living in the most free country in the world, that the sky is the limit and that they should just chase after their dreams, it is no wonder that people come to believe that this is “their year” or “their time”. All their life they have believed that they have a chance to make it and have come to believe that the only thing that can stop them is to not dream big enough.

This belief is being endorsed by an entire media industry that enwraps the nation from the morning talk-shows to the bed time news and the movies, advertisements and radio shows in between. There is virtually no escape from the American Dream. It makes sure that wherever you are, you know it is there and that there is a chance that this IS your year, your time to shine. There is no escape from the nightmare that is the American Dream.

If we talk a look behind the American Dream from this perspective, what it is in fact that is happening. The few who do become stars and who “make it” set the example for the majority that they too can make it if they just work hard enough, if they just chase their dreams; within this the foundation is laid out for people to work and survive within the belief that the country they are living in has got their back, that they are all together in this, in raising each other up to in fact reach the stars.

But the reality is that it is a tiny proportion of the population that do in fact make it, who become famous or rich and who escape the reality of a life in survival, while the majority slave their lives away with absolutely no chance of ever breaking out of the cycle. The fact is that the elite of this world live in a closed circle with expensive private schools and universities, from where they fill the boardrooms and CEO positions and marry each other and as such keeping the blood lines going and make sure that absolutely no one else has a chance.

And then once in a while, to make sure that the majority does not suspect that the game is rigged and that they don’t stand a chance, someone from a poor background in what appears to be a miracle, suddenly rises up and makes it. It can be basketball players that get a scholarship to the major leagues or singers who are discovered on the street and who are dragged out of a life in the gutter get cleaned up and live a shiny new life of a superstar.

So when people come to American Idol to audition for a life without survival, they come with the belief that this is their time, this is the year where they will make it – because otherwise, what is the alternative? To look forward to a life of hardship and struggle, where they will eventually die leaving their children behind to repeat the same exact pattern, life after life, generation after generation.

The point that is missed here, because people are so busy surviving that they literally cannot think about anything else, is that they will never make it – and that they are spending their life slaving away for something that is absolutely impossible that has been impulsed by a system that is exploiting and abusing them through their hope and dreams, so that the wheels of the economy can turn and a minute few can keep living the sweet life.

What is also missed is that each person is preoccupied with their own survival in a competition with everyone else, existing within a secluded life of fear and desires in their mind; therefore each is only seeing themselves, their own inabilities and misfortunes and their own dreams and misguided beliefs that they can and will reach the top. Therefore they don’t see the wheels turning and that they too are a part of the machinery that has to roll around and around in order for the race to keep running.

So understand that the hope and the belief in “my year” has been impulsed into the society as a strategic way of keeping the people in place and make sure they work gladly and willingly until the day they die.

It is no different than the faith in god and the afterlife where scriptures and the church promises good fortune and a life of gold and happiness in heaven for those that work hard and stay on the path. It is no different than how suicide bombers are promised a life in heaven with virgins and all the food they can eat, if they just sacrifice themselves for the cause.

It might sound extreme, especially when one have believed that one truly do have a chance, but if one takes a self-honest look and observe commercials, advertisements and reality shows, one will see that this belief is at the baseline of virtually all entertainment that wraps around our lives. It provides a sense of hope, magic and miracles that creates the illusion of fairness that the American Dream is built upon.

But on the Dark-Side of that is people’s actual experience of themselves, where they spend their days worrying about their mortgage and whether or not they will be fired and how to feed their children. Many people feel despair and a desperation that is so abysmal that they can’t stand feeling it and instead suppress and numb themselves through entertainment, drugs and alcohol.

It is within this tension field between the hope of the American Dream that wraps the country like a cloak of sticky sweetness and the immense fear and feeling that it is completely useless that an entire people is kept in a lock-in. And furthermore, this is not only the American people that are existing within this relationship – it is in fact all of us in the world that are participating and maintaining the deceptive belief that everyone has a fair chance. This is even used by people in the wealthier countries to justify why people in the third world are suffering and starving, because: “if they wanted to, they could”, “they could just work hard for it”, “and everyone has a chance”.

But simply have a look at the reality of what is here: 3 billion people are jobless, 2 billion has no job and 1 billion are starving from the moment they are born until the day they die. There is virtually no hope.

There is however another way.

If we take the expression “Your year”, “your time” and “your turn” and change the starting-point from the deceptive notion of hope and bring ourselves to the realization that this is something that have been indoctrinated into us, to have us accept ourselves as mere labor slaves. What this realization brings with it is that there is something fundamentally wrong with our world and our reality and that we collectively have participated in upholding it by convincing ourselves and each other that it is real, that each of us does in fact have an equal chance of making a successful living for ourselves.

The dream is to live without having to worry about surviving. When looking at this dream, this is in fact what it is about – that ultimate way of living is simply to not have to live in fear of not surviving. Let’s stop and consider that for a moment: that the ultimate American dream, our reaching for the stars, is nothing more than a desire to live a live without fear.

I am here to tell you that it is possible make this YOUR year – the year where you transform your life into a life where you can stop fearing for your survival. This will not be a transformation that magically happens, where someone swoops you off your feet into a life of stardom and luxury. It will not be a transformation where you have to wait for a talent scout, agent or Jesus to save you from your life. It will simply be you transforming yourself and your life through getting to know yourself in self-honesty in walking a process of bringing yourself back to self-direction instead of living as a zombie waiting for “your shot” to be given to you at the mercy of someone else; where your life is literally in their hands – and not in your own.

In this is also the realization of what it actually is we have created within and as this world, through this game of survival, where no one can ever be the fittest except for those that already have got all the money; and with this comes the realization that we in fact are together in this, but it is in an entirely different way that how we until now have been together in our self-delusion.

Because once we start walking the process of Self-Transformation, and in that Self-Honestly realize what is here as this world, we also start realizing that we are responsible for changing what is Here. So from it having been YOUR year that you created as a hope within yourself to cope with your own survival, in self-interest in fact only concerned with and caring about yourself; it now becomes your year to stand up, to stand equal with all that is here – in the realization that for your life to change, the world has to change and for the world to change, you have to change you.

At Desteni this is what each of us have realized and are realizing within and as ourselves and we are each walking this process of transforming ourselves as human beings that until now have existed on a lie within the seclusion and separation in our own minds in fear of not surviving – to now live the transformation of ourselves, to open our eyes and our I’s to ourselves, the world and each other; see what is here and change.

To make this your year and to ensure that each human being have the opportunity to have every year be their year too, we propose an Equal Money System.

The American Dream promises to make all men equal, that each can reach their dreams but the Dark-Side of this dream is the promise of a life without survival that no one can realistically achieve and through which everyone slaves to survive in the hopes of getting that golden ticket.

The Equal Money System does not give promises – because it is a system that we requires each of us to participate as equals to bring about a world that is best for all and as such it is a system of accountability – a system that does not have to make promises, because it does what it says it will do. There are no hidden agendas or loopholes where someone can exploit others, because the foundation is based upon equality, its infrastructure it’s based on equality as a physical mathematical fact; and because each of us will live based on the principle of equality, we will make sure that what is best for all is what stands.

So If you are ready to let go of the dreams of delusion and step down on the ground that is right here on earth, then investigate the Equal Money System and participate in bringing a new world to Life.

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