2012 - Is positivity what's best for all?

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2012 - Is positivity what's best for all?

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To do what’s best for all requires a in dept understanding of reality. Reality as we have it here isn’t cool, there’s a lot of abuse and deception going on. This is where we start: acknowledging that there’s a lot that needs correction. If we try and make this positive, we have to come up with thought constructs like: everything if perfectly in order, what we see is the illusion, we need to stay in constant meditation (to not get upset about what’s going on in reality), people grow through suffering, we all have been a child dying of starvation in another life, it’s all in God’s hand.
These type of ‘solutions’ only solve something in the mind of the person, temporarily, it doesn’t really solve any thing. Anxiety, irritation, even hate and spitefulness are seeping through the positivity or simply burst out in a moment, uncontrollable.
In the mean time things worsen. So no, this mental positivity isn’t what’s best for all. It offers no practical solutions.
Practical positivity we find in charity. doing things for poor people, for instance, building a few homes, donating money, organizing a dinner for well to do people who pay big money to join the dinner, which will be a donation. All charity leaves the current system as it is, meaning that the cause of the poverty isn’t taken away, which means that charity will never be able to put an end to the problems we face.
So practical positivity isn’t what’s best for all either.
We need to take on the root cause which is the monetary system that stimulates abuse and deception, and all other systems that depend on it we will be able to change accordingly. Money must support life, not the other way round. Through and within the Equal Money System we do just that. So the Equal Money System would be what’s best for all, for all life, because that’s what we design it for.
We use the mental to think it over, to as precisely as possible design solutions, system changes, using what is here in another way, to grant everyone a life worth of living.
And we take practical steps like studying what is here, investigating how everything works, how did it came to be this way, harmful, insufficient, not effective. And we (will) stand as politicians, scientists, lawyers, artists, teachers, etc etc. in a way that we support and express life here.

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