2012 & The Mayan End | The End of Illusion & Separation

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2012 & The Mayan End | The End of Illusion & Separation

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2012 & The Mayan End | The End of Illusion, the End of Separation

Humanity is a group.

We have existed so long in self-interest in an existence where we meet each-other with our elbows, where we exist in constant survival-mode, comparison, competition, through which emerge fear, jealousy, protection-mechanisms; that we’ve separated ourselves completely from life, we’ve separated ourselves not only from who we really are but also from each-other.
We communicate with each-other on the level of fear and mistrust, literally as in a ‘human race’ – instead of interacting and communicating as LIFE, in freedom, transparency, equality.

This world exists as power-games, on the bigger scale of the global ‘markets’ (...life has become a single market and that is in fact the point that requires immediate and radical transcendence if we are to continue as humanity) as well as on the smaller scale of personal relationships and ‘relations’.

That is why this process is the process of a group. The group is humanity and the question is whether humanity will be an integral and holistic part of and equal to life or whether this system and what we have become as systems will simply go under, self-destruct, decompose.

This is what we’ve realized at Desteni and that is why walk this process both individually in the pursuit of self-honesty, self-trust, self-empowerment, self-purification in full responsibility; and equally as a group through learning to really get to know each-other and to work together as equals, while we more and more peel the layers of dishonesty, deception and fear that have become the ‘make-up’ of the human species that is daily applied because ‘the show must go on’.

We are here to stop all illusions, burst the bubble of all self-delusion, and get real, while we create the change we want to see in the world – starting with ourselves.

In the vedic philosophy "Maya" is the term for this world as Illusion.
What exactly IS illusionary of this world?
It is not the earth, it is not nature, it is not even the physical bodies that inhabit the planet. It is the systematic consciousness of the human, out of which emerged the world-systems – this world as we know it – that is illusionary.

We base our existence and interaction in this world on bipolar systems of separation, greed, fear and the desire for power. We have created many ideas and perceptions of power, the pursuing of which results in personal and global war and conflict. We exist against each-other in this world, instead of living together and supporting life as our common interest, on common ground, in common sense.

2012 has been associated with many pin-points in time within the history of mankind that promise significant events and the change we all wish for, but as this year enters we finally realize nothing is changing unless we do; and no one is coming to save us; we have to save ourselves.

The End of Maya – that is the End of Illusion.

The ‘protective walls’ that have been covering up the lies and deception of the world system – a system of abuse based on illusionary perceptions, ideas and constructs manifested through the consciousness of a (man)kind that seems to have no conscience – are falling apart. The money-system is falling apart and the curtains behind which secrets were kept are crumbling. We are witnessing the revelations of our own ‘nature’ as it leaks into transparency. The secret mind of human systems rises to the surface permeating everything and showing its true face. As the shit hits the fan mankind is faced with itself, its creation and the manifested consequences thereof; the consequences of ‘who we are’ – who, how and what we have become and what we have accepted and allowed to become of this world that is ourselves.

We require solutions, and we require to live the solutions into creation, into beingness, into transformation.

Investigate the solution of equality and oneness, self-honesty and self-mastery, investigate the equal money system and the global discussions that are daily communicated throughout the social media – keywords/tags Desteni, Equal-Money, 2012.
We are people from all over the world that no longer want to sit and wait and hope for the world to change and salvation to come miraculously; people that are no longer willing to accept and allow the abuse, manipulation and deception that runs through the veins of this world system, both in the large and small scale, covered-up with the veils of ‘beauty’, ‘promises’ and ideas of ‘freedom’ or ‘power’.

We realize that it is our very nature and how we co-exist as a group, as humanity, that must be transformed, and that is why we practically and consistently apply the realizations that have emerged and are emerging as we walk this process.
We are here to take responsibility for our world as ourselves and make an actual impact on the reality of this existence. We are here to dignify ourselves and that which we call ‘life’. We are here to create a place for life to be Free – and for life to have Fun! For Real!

Watch out for the Freedom Blogs released by people standing-up all over the world; people waking up to the actuality of reality; people peeling off the veils of illusion that has been keeping us preoccupied, consumed, possessed, entrapped within a system of power-games, war, lies; people refusing to continue accepting and allowing an existence of separation, abuse and exploitation; people that are working on and living into beingness THE END of separation, THE END of abuse, THE END of exploitation.

Let the year 2012 be the beginning of the end of your own personal illusions. Learn how to debunk your own delusions with the tools of self-support shared at desteni.org
Let the year 2012 be the end of illusion and the beginning of a new reality for life where we as life are the directive principle that determines the world we want to live in. Let’s get together and create a new reality for humanity collectively and individually – a reality that will support life in all ways, as we start to support ourselves and each-other in honesty and respect.
Let us stop depending on time, prophecies and systems – and let us take responsibility and stand-up to purify our existence from the inside out.

2012 – Meet the Destonians and read/listen to the revelations, realizations and discussions shared by all of us throughout the various social media platforms.
Investigate and participate in the Equal Money System and the real revolution in this world.

Get Informed, Get Involved. The universe is waiting for you!

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