2012 Debunking Ego Religion for Universal Freedom & Truth

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2012 Debunking Ego Religion for Universal Freedom & Truth

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2012 Debunking Self Religion as Ego | For Universal Freedom & Truth

The Religion of each one is the personal ideas and beliefs as world-view each one creates to 'explain' and 'justify' why one is who one is, why one exist the way one exist and why the world is as we know it. This mental self-creation is basically an attempt to not See the actuality of reality - a way to abdicate responsibility using 'reason' and claiming one's 'own truth' as the valid 'explanation' for reality.

Can anyone 'own' Truth?

TRUTH is all around us, it is Here as this World, for all to see and face. There is only One Truth equally for All and that is the manifested consequences of/as this Reality.

Our Truth is in our Oneness.
Currently our Oneness is that of separation, manipulation, exploitation of life. Any path of denial is a path of self-delusion and self-abdication, an attempt to not See, to not Hear the call of Life. Your own truth is your self-honesty, however self-honesty is never 'pretty', it's never 'shiny', as it actually reveals the secret mind reality of suppressions, denials and polarities that is recreating manifesting the world as we know it.

Self-honesty is the greatest dare for every single individual because in seeing self-honesty we have no choice but to take full self-responsibility and start stopping our self-created bubbles of delusion that we create to blind ourselves from the actuality of this reality.
This is in fact a process of letting go of all mind constructs and ideas of 'beauty', 'bliss' and 'power' and asking the question: How do we establish a practical-reality that honors and supports life as all equally in all ways? To do that, we must first realize and understand How we created the fuck-up that is existent currently, within and without, and start freeing ourselves from the traps of consciousness. This revolution is walked from the inside out, and we are living proof that change is possible and self-responsibility is the way.

Self = life = equal = all

and therefore self-responsibility per definition implies full responsibility for all and everything that is here. Here, this earth, this one reality we share, is where transcendence is possible. If one cannot stand Here, one can stand in no other reality.

An answer as solution to this world, this reality, must include all and everything, and therefore that answer must be what's best for all. And therefore in Common Sense, realizing Common Interest as Life on Common Ground, each being will self-honestly come to the same answer, the same solution - because it will be best for all.
All roads lead to Equality, because Equality is the principle that makes Oneness a worthy place for all to be Free. Beyond that, it is a question of time and suffering - and we have realized that we can reduce suffering by taking direct responsibility and walking self-honesty and self-transformation instead of fighting for our limitations as ego and basically waiting for life to prove us wrong - because then it will be too late.

The message of Desteni is that nothing will change unless we change - through taking Responsibility for our inner and outer reality individually.

Quests for freedom in this world have thus far missed the point of practical self-application in self-honesty and self-responsibility - because if we look at the world: even people/groups supporting equality still point fingers and address blame toward external points, without looking at how each one is contributing to the existence of such points (such being the government or any/all of the world's systems: education, money-system etc. or manifestation such as murder, rape, sex-trafficking, child-pornography etc.). We must realize that everything exists through what we accept and allow in every moment of our existence.

At Desteni we in fact investigate our own individual part/responsibility as to how each one individually is actually giving permission for this world to exist as we know it, and we apply practical self-correction/self-purification within and without to stop all points of separation, abuse, deception, manipulation.
Further, we share our processes in blogs and vlogs so that others may recognize the constructs and patterns humanity is trapped within as we are all individually trapped within.
We realize that humanity is a group, and that a viable and sustainable solution for the world must be always 'best for all'. This implies that we the people need to transcend ego and learn to work together and develop common sense, and stop the constant competition that has literally become the human Race; stop the fear that is the actual mind-control in this existence.

Quests for freedom in this world have mostly been quests of 'personal freedom' and have missed the point of oneness and equality as the Whole, as this One reality, this world we equally share. Currently we can see that we are not sharing this world, this Earth equally, but that Money dictates who lives and who dies; Money dictates the chances and opportunities each one has in what we call 'life'.
The current money-system is unacceptable as it only leads to further separation and perpetuates deception, abuse and exploitation of life. Therefore to change the world we must change the systems that manage the world.

However long it takes, there is no other way to freedom but the actual walking of transformation in self-responsibility in self-realization as life, as a Whole - within as without.

Life is Oneness, but we have projected a shiny idea of oneness to make ourselves feel better with, instead of realizing that Oneness by definition implies Equality: equal participation, equal power, equal chances, equal value.
Oneness also implies absolute responsibility for all that is here. To get to real Oneness, to 'get there', we must walk Here; changing our Here into a living-reality where the value is Life. Life is Here - and we cannot be equal to Life as long as we are 'out there' trapped in projections of the mind, 'hoping' and waiting for some miraculous epiphany to enlighten our fate.

The fate of humanity is already written - And it takes self-directive principle and self-honesty to take on the script of reality and write a new desteni for mankind as humanity that is viable and sustainable and that will bring forth a substantial transcendence and the end of (self-)enslavement once and for ALL.

Freedom must be actual, not a mental projection.
No one is really free until ALL Life is Free.

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