2012 The Untold History of ATLANTIS should be No Secret

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2012 The Untold History of ATLANTIS should be No Secret

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2012 EXCLUSIVE: The Untold History of ATLANTIS and Why it should Be No SECRET

What is it about the story of ATLANTIS?
Is there a Secret that has been kept from us? Or has everything always been right in front of our 'I' ...?
Hear this free exclusive 1-hour interview by the Atlanteans from Atlantis unveiling the history of Atlantis beyond the myths that exist today!
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The basic point or essence I gathered thus far through all the interviews through the interdimensional portal is that the current enslavement has only been possible through the acceptance of the enslaved - through the abdication of responsibility; and perhaps it was in fact about missing a moment, a moment which could have been directed in full presence to what was best for all, as the Atlanteans have always done and applied as who they are (working with sound on a planet of sound and in awareness of the harmony of and as existence, as the being in this interview shares).
The being also shares about the purpose they were realizing within and through their existence, namely to maintain the harmony and equilibrium of existence as a whole, realizing and experiencing as themselves the common source as substance of all of existence as one, despite there having existed different planets with different races from the perspective of form, manifestation, skills and abilities. There existed a connection within and among the whole of existence in its different manifestations, all on some level aware of the common sense, the common origin, the substance from which everything and everyone emerged and existed as. Within that oneness there was equality.

So when and how did the separation begin?
This must’ve been the point where self-interest emerged and perhaps the question is why there was an acceptance/permission given for this to exist. If we as humans are the result of/as the enslaved Atlanteans, then surely it is time to acknowledge that our suffering derives from the fact that we’ve literally lost our common sense and missed a moment of self-honest directive.

Could this be ‘the missing link’?

It could certainly be the time to stop blaming ‘god’ or ‘reptilians’ or ‘the system’ for our enslavement and ask ourselves the question: where are we missing the point? Where are we missing ourselves? Where did we go wrong? Where did we miss a moment of self-honest directive in the sense of the substance that we had realized as our common source , the origin of all as what we all had emerged from and existed as – the common sense that is best for all.

When did we stop BEING the source?
And how do we become the source – become who we really are when we are free.

The problem I see with the current consciousness as it has ‘evolved’, is that it is based in mental, projected and separated dimensions, separation being the key word here.

The human exists in separation from everything and even from itself. It then spends a lifetime developing ‘mechanisms’ and ‘approaches’ trying to ‘connect’, but it does that within separation, within seclusion, as if the world, as if life, was ‘out there’ somewhere, but not ‘here’. (The accepted system obviously re-creates a human that is set on survival-mode, and that is one of the main points we are able, if willing, to change within our current global reality – see http://EqualMoney.org)

The human separates itself into subconscious and unconscious dimensions and projects its consciousness both inward (suppression, denial, ‘powerlessness’, questions) as well as outward (the seeking of fulfilment/’power’, the yearning for ‘god’/‘salvation’, answers). The separated parts of self often seem to ‘individualize’ and give a certain feedback, either in dreams and nightmares or in conscious emotional/mental possessions and obsessions, moods and outbursts that come seemingly ‘out of nowhere’.

The human attempts to understand itself and existence through mental/conscious investigation: through the interpretation of the subconscious and unconscious dimensions, which however inevitably takes place within the bounds and through the filters of the conscious mind. Thus the human fails to get to oneness and equality within and as itself and with life. This then results to the human attempting to validate and/or justify its existence and seek ‘life’ through projected ‘spiritual’ theories in the quest for meaning/purpose/’value’/’power’.
All this within a perceptual reality of separation, hence also the hierarchical tendencies of the essence of control.

The fascinating consideration this point leads to is:
For a perceived ‘need’ for (or even the concept of) ‘control’ to exist, the essence of ‘control’ must have existed. For the essence of the need for CONTROL to exist, FEAR must have existed. Is this the question about which was first – the chicken or the egg? Maybe, maybe not.

It certainly is a question each and every single being is able to practically explore and investigate as to the implications for existence – cause and effect, time and space, in the context of the harmony and the freedom of existence /the world /humanity as a whole.

It is also a question to investigate as to the implications of one’s individual, personal existence and self-experience. How is fear and control existent within me? What are the interplays? What are the patterns? What are the mental thought constructs through which I try to reason with such points? What am I participating in? What am I accepting and allowing?

Does the existence of fear imply the concepts of ‘inferiority’ - ‘superiority’? Does the existence of the concept of control imply the acceptance of the same concept: ‘inferiority’ – ‘superiority’? Has our mind consciousness perhaps in its evolution come up with ways to ‘justify’ the separation, to ‘justify’ (as in ‘protect’) its perceived ‘uniqueness’ against the rest of existence? Has our mind consciousness perhaps in its evolution come up with ways to ‘justify’ this existence of control and enslavement because only so ‘it’ can continue existing as it does – ‘explaining’ its fear as ‘real’, as ‘necessary’, as ‘justified’? Has our mind consciousness perhaps ‘individualized’ itself in separation from the entirety of who we really are as life, given itself fake values based on concepts of ‘power’ and ‘grandeur’ and is now driving us to each our individual ‘desires’, ‘free choice’, bliss’ in pretended or dumbed-down ignorance?

A simple question opens the door to some interesting answers:

Does our individual mind consciousness place itself before what is best for all? Yes.
Does our individual mind consciousness drive us through patterns of emotional and mental reactions to the decisions we make in our reality? Yes.
Does our individual mind consciousness bring up fear that we seem to be unable to control, direct, overcome? Yes.

So – is the enemy perhaps within?!

How did we get here? How did we get to exist in the Here we have manifested as Humanity in this space and time continuum?

This whole issue with us – with ourselves individually and humanity as a whole – demands an existential approach to reality to be resolved.

An existential approach would be a holistic approach that would require the transcendence of separation, within and without.

That is what we are busy with at Desteni; that is what we come together for. We each stand alone, as each one has to stand-up for oneself – no one can do it for another; yet we walk together, we work together, we see ourselves and each-other as equals of life and explore ways of living that equality, ways of making it a living-reality for all existence.

We realize it is ourselves and our relationships in our world that we require to change, the mechanics of co-existence in its practicality. We realize we have to dignify our word as the living word and become someone that can be trusted, someone that trust themselves, someone whose word is sound. We realize that this is established through self-honesty and the practical walking of self-forgiveness and self-correction / self-actualization, to no longer be simply products of our environment (an environment/system that has for eons of time propagated isms and schisms and supported an existence of separation, fear and control) but self-willed equals of life, living our inheritance to what is best for all in every moment.

This is how the Atlanteans went about with what they understood as their inheritance, their origin, their existence. They saw themselves as the Guardians of existence. And that is how I see myself as Destonian today, as that is what Desteni stands for: the Oneness and Equality of Life in all practical ways of our co-existence.

Today we can at least utilize the evolution of consciousness and the realizations that the inversion of karma and the acceleration of time – the lifting of the veils – bring: to be/become the guardians of life. Because life is the value that has been exploited, disregarded, degraded in the name of gods and profits.

The value of life is life – and that is the highest value in actuality, common in all and everything that is here breathing the same air. How can we keep competing against each-other and define ourselves by our differences?!

Why was the history of Atlantis kept secret? Well, one thing is certain: there hadn’t been an actual ‘opening’ for the actual story to come through.

For some it may be worth investigating all the myths humanity has about Atlantis – written and told by human beings. Also investigate all religious books – they too were written by human beings. How were the messages misformed, misinterpreted? What were people mis-informed about? What may have been the purpose of the Myths, the books? What were they promising, how have they been impulsing humanity, how were they ‘educating’? How come religious and spiritual leaders are rich and powerful in this world system?

For the first time, another kind of sharing is possible. I'd suggest to everyone to hear the story of Atlantis as one may find something about oneself and one's world view that one hasn't yet considered. Investigate the Thousands of interviews and Tens of Thousands of Articles and Documents through the portal, made public by the Desteni group through the internet since 2007.

When I first came across Desteni it was through Youtube and the online forums.
What made an immediate and strong impression on me the moment I came across Desteni was that each and every point taken on, presented, given perspective on: would always be brought to a concluding point showing the necessity and inevitability of SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. That is the core message of Desteni: Stop waiting, stop hoping, and take life in your hands by standing-up for self, for life. Stand up and Stop the enslavement within and without.
Obviously, to do that, we first require to understand How we are enslaved, How we are in fact keeping ourselves and each-other enslaved in patterns of consciousness that perpetuate the ‘world as we know it’ and keep history repeating; never actually evolving but only mutating, while the power-structures and inequality within and of the world system are being maintained.

On Youtube I found countless Desteni interviews elaborating on various different points of our existence and showing how everything exists trapped within and as polarity designs. I was immediately able to see this design and how it in fact exists within everything that we do, participate in or know about in this world.
The systems of our world are set to create and perpetuate enslavement through the mental and emotional manipulation of the individual and at the same time through binding the individual to societal structures of inequality, thus creating also dependency and bipolar behaviors and experiences, as there always seems to be something to love and something to hate, something to fear and something to desire, something to fight for and something to fight against. And while we engage in these patterns the world system presents us with as ‘options’ in life, we never actually stand in complete oneness and equality with all that exists so that we may be able to realize and take absolute self-responsibility for this existence that is ourselves.

This is the main point in my process of self-realization that literally woke me up and assisted me in realizing that as long as I project blame and responsibility onto others or anything outside of myself for that matter, I am in fact abdicating my power, abdicating my response-ability, my ability in other words to actually make a difference and bring forth actual change – the change I want to see in the world.
Therefore it is through changing/directing self as who I am in every moment, realizing and taking responsibility for what I accept and allow through my participation, my presence, my actions or inaction, that I am able to start having an impact on my personal relationships in my reality, my world; thus slowly but surely start creating relationships in self-honesty, self-responsibility, mutual respect and intimate and direct communication, making life something that is of life-support universally, something that is dignified and worth creating, worth living.

What I found through my participation with Desteni was people sharing themselves and their processes, and challenging themselves and each-other – challenging beliefs and personalities and mind sets as revealed through the writings we all shared. This is and has been an organic process of cross-referencing, debunking and discussing of all possible points of our existence, experience and ‘knowledge’ of the world, our reality, in the quest for the actual truth behind the veils of the mind’s programming and beyond the belief-systems we are indoctrinated with through the world systems.
Understanding and removing mind-control from the inside-out through self-honesty and practical common sense, seeing things for what they are in the context of the whole of existence from a perspective of cause and effect: allows us to see the manifested consequence of our existence and take self-responsibility.

Within this, we are able to start investigating the cause and effect of our own individual existence:
What does my existence contribute to within and of this world? What do my acceptances and allowances give permission for to exist in the bigger picture? What am I supporting in the world when I am driven by fears and desires? What creates my fears and desires? What is the effect of my cause? What has been my ‘role’ in my relationships with my reality thus far, and what definitions have I accepted within this to merely ‘justify’ the ‘roles’ and ‘positions’ I have taken? Why have I been for instance ‘the victim’, or ‘the intellectual’, or ‘the seeker’, or ‘the bully’ or ‘the bullied’? And how did I then create beliefs and interpretations of ‘reality’ in self-righteousness and abdication of responsibility?

How are such ‘roles’ used and abused within the world system to maintain consumerism, consumption and the con of consciousness, within which all and every one is enslaved? What ‘role models’ are we presented with by the media and why? What drives our existence from the inside-out and how are such ‘driving forces’ created? And why?
At Desteni we see SELF in the context of the entirety of existence. How can we create a world without ‘gods’ and fake values – a world with no masters and no slaves? How can we bring forth an existence of self-willed equals, where power is no longer something to compete for, fight for, kill and die for. How can we self-realize power as life, and give it to ourselves and everyone else equally.
Understanding ourselves as creators of ourselves and collectively of this world – we begin to understand creation from the perspective of interconnectedness and interdependence as life.
No one is free until all life is free!

This point is a further crucial point at Desteni – a point that opened my eyes for the world and assisted me in understanding self-responsibility and practical equality and oneness.
Because this world system, this manifested existence that is our reality, is one of enslavement, we all tend to seek ‘freedom’, or ways to escape the ‘prison’ of the system. And the only way we ‘know’ how to do this, is through denial, suppression, separation, whereby we tend to disregard everything and everyone else in the quest for personal freedom.

What if, however, we look at self-freedom not from a perspective of self-interest, but instead from the perspective of life – as all as one as equal. What if we start realizing self-freedom from the inside-out, by debunking and diffusing the mental and emotional mind-control we have been subjected to and have accepted as ‘who we are’, and consequently start freeing our personal relationships and interactions from the consciousness patterns of control and manipulation; from the constant competition and power-games – to create freedom of life, for life, for all. Because how can anyone be really free within an existence of enslavement where one constantly has to watch one’s back, an existence where no trust, no support, no actual freedom of expression and expansion exists?
Within realizing self-freedom in the context of life, as life, we are able to embrace our interdependence within and as this reality we all share, and realize that our interdependence is rooted in and emerges from our INTERCONNECTEDNESS as life.

Therefore, interdependence in the context of life does not mean dependency as in the currently existent relationships of master-slave, strong-weak, superior-inferior, powerful-powerless. Such bipolar relation-patterns exist only in systems of inequality where ‘power’ is defined in separation of life and ‘justified’ through fear and concepts of scarcity. Such polarity constructs as we’ve accepted them to exist within and as ourselves, within and as this existence, is exactly what creates dependency. And the outflows of such dependency are seen in war, conflict, addictions, obsessions.
No – Interdependence as life actually implies equality and oneness and the acknowledgement of our interconnectedness as equal parts of LIFE.
Freedom must be Freedom for All Life!

Within this, life can become One again: whole, integral, free. This oneness and equality, this freedom as life – the freedom to live, express and expand in full awareness and regard of all that is here as life – this must begin with/within each One individually: within how one lives and participates in every moment and how one relates and interacts in the context of one’s relationships.

This brings us back to the point of SELF-RESPONSIBILITY which seems to be the key in our process of self-realization as life.

STAND-UP for LIFE. YOU are the one you've been missing, YOU are the one you've been waiting for. So Stop waiting. Make a Stand.

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