2012 DNA Activation : Sensational Promise 4 Delusional Minds

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2012 DNA Activation : Sensational Promise 4 Delusional Minds

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2012 DNA Activation - Sensational Promises for Delusional Minds

While many new age 'schools' and gurus promise full DNA activation, has anyone wondered what full DNA activation would practically imply?
People literally 'look forward' to things like that in the hope and desire that they'll bring them salvation and power, but within that they never consider the points of consequence and responsibility.

And while DNA activation is sold as if it were a 'miraculous' savior pill, imagine this rather rational perspective:
Full DNA activation as in full awareness of all genetic information of all forefathers, their issues, their challenges, their points to be transcended. Full DNA activation as in bringing all subconscious and unconscious mind layers of self to the conscious presence here equal and one, to be faced, dealt with, directed.

Are you ready?

Responsibility is Key to Self-Empowerment - Power as Life.

Stop the delusional mind ideas of power that we are brainwashed with, Stop buying into sensationalism and believing in promises, and discover actual self power as life within equality and oneness in this physical universe HERE.

Watch my Vlog on DNA Activation, Self Delusion and How we are blinded by the 'Light'.

Watch out for the Freedom Blogs released by people standing-up all over the world; people waking up to the actuality of reality; people peeling off the veils of illusion that has been keeping us preoccupied, consumed, possessed, entrapped within a system of power-games, war, lies; people refusing to continue accepting and allowing an existence of separation, abuse and exploitation; people that are working on THE END of separation, THE END of abuse, THE END of exploitation.

Let the year 2012 be the beginning of the end of your own personal illusions. Learn how to debunk your own delusions with practical tools of self-support.
Let the year 2012 be the beginning of a new reality for life where WE as LIFE are the directive principle that determines the world we want to live in.
Let’s get together and create a new reality for humanity collectively and individually – a reality that will support life in all ways, as we start to support ourselves and each-other in dignity and respect.

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