Russell Brand's 'Trews' Series

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Russell Brand's 'Trews' Series

Postby Matti Freeman » 28 Oct 2014, 10:37

Russell Brand does a regular video series called 'Trews', which is his perspective on mainstream news and events.

Some cool, common sense insight comes through in regards to pointing out how the media functions, as well as consumerism and capitalism, though much of his view in terms of solutions to problems is influenced by spirituality and knowledge and information obviously.

These are good videos to watch and possibly do responses to, where the topic can be taken and opened up more in terms of the common sense and presenting insights into the mind and consciousness as well as practical solutions to the issues Russell is taking on in his videos.

He also has an extensive vocabulary and he is a good example of how the more words and definitions you know can lead you to see things more for what they are -- yet how easily one can get trapped into spirituality when the definitions of certain words have not been investigated self honestly but have been defined through knowledge and information.

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