disapointment/learning with desteni FB members, not desteni

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Re: disapointment/learning with desteni FB members, not desteni

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Silence and more silence from dest.fb group. no answers here and no re-invitation. (the arrogance is huge...)
Let's end this topic. (And it might even be useful to start, before reading the comment, on/by my PS2 (last 6 lines of this comment).
To summarize and synthesize as much as possible what is at issue here, is that many Destonians (fb), of so fixated on the personal side of the process (of the process itself, the part that concerns only each one of us, in what each one of us must do for himself and about himself), they don't realize how much they are despising the rest of the world. let's be direct to the main interest that these Destonians have in or about desteni: Stop/end being affected mainly by the evil of the world; as sensitive beings that they are, they have already realized that this sensitivity ends up turning against them (aka = they suffer even more from the evils of the world); and because among the various tools available within desteni, solving this problem with ourselves and of/about ourselves, is certainly one of them, they work exclusively on "this tool"/this aspect.
Hence the "danger"/mistake that, contrary to what is the most worthy essence of desteni (desteni for all, let's say it this way), they concern themselves exclusively with themselves, more properly, they apply themselves exclusively in defense of themselves, their exclusively self interest. So instead of helping whoever they think is wrong (and bc he/she's wrong it can even prejudicate a destonian), they only know one thing to do in front of whomever they think is wrong: expel him. Regarding the best for everyone, expelling someone seems to them, better for that person. Of course it is not good for that person ...but yes, it is already good only for them! Now, see this totally opposite case or example:
Poolman was the one who saw that the whole world was systems. he could (as is what many Destonians do exclusively) have done what is necessary for himself and he alone could be immune to all this problem which is already: all others are systems = will inevitably affect anyone (even if is just 1 individual -poolman) who is not a system. But understand the point that I denounce and that you insist on not wanting to see: poolman decided to expose himself publicly, give what he had to give, even to systems; he did not isolate himself against the systems, he even went to the systems himself, he offered his help even if this help implied a threat to the systems themselves; he knew this but he also knew that it had to be done because this of equality and the best must necessarily be FOR EVERYONE (and even really only possible and true in one individual if or when including everyone without exception).
Now the FB Destonians do none of this; do the opposite; they act as if they don't have to do anything for the world, except for and to themselves or, at most, for those who are already like them (their particular little family -like the group; only worry with defending their own family<-pure self interest. in front of someone they may think is different from them, no conversation, no clarification, no communication: just kick in the butt and everything is fine (precisely all right and the best just for them).
"kids", it's not just about your "salvation", your immunity regarding all the bad stuff in the world, in this life; it's also about helping, assisting the others and not just "helping" who are already like us.
Poolman from the beginning, spoke and wrote everything he wrote, knowing that, in the beginning, systems would be the listeners. it seems useless, doesn't it? but it was not and all thanks to his availability to communicate, to speak to people; now the Destonians do nothing of this; they expel without even speaking or clarifying (aka: actually helping) who seems not to be a faithful devotee of desteni and they only speak, communicate among themselves as a Destonian homologue/ monologue.
This is what I denounce here(all the topic); it is not the particular question of a group being a tool or not (that would have its own place for discussion there in the group where I mentioned this); Right here and since my main post, the highlighted "complaint"(point to them) is how they solve what bothers them: simply expel.
And I spare myself to explain how much for them carla reminded them of the experience they already had in the past (youtube, etc) with clearly assumed anti-desteni people; Carla, in her interventions in the fb group is far from being an anti-desteni; but the fb Destonians judged carla by a mere memory to which they are attached; carla is not really anti-desteni ... but it seemed/seems to them.
they were not self-honest with common sense, but instead, read it, looked at carla's interventions with the eyes of memory (aka: memories of what anti-Destonians were) <- which is why desteni has become an increasingly private group , which I understand, but let's face it: it wasn't exactly the will of desteni or its "brand image". absolutely not; desteni is meant for everyone (but for reasons of useless excess information and unreversed/invertebrate anti-desteni spam, we understand the tendency of desteni to become increasingly private). But please, use you brains (not saying your mind): and know how to distinguish one authentic anti-desteni invertebrate, of a person who says new or different things that or as you have never heard said in or by desteni. i don't repeat or parrot things already done; but you seem to only understand repeated and already known things; completely unable to perceive something really new; and that due to this "incapacity", in the face of something new or different, you approach this to, from what you already know, is more likehood, reminds you that; (talking about repeating stuff, well, here i just point something that sunette once told about how the mind works<-just 1 of the aspects: in face of something that may could really be new or never saw, the mind tends to approach the new "observation" to what, stored in the mind itself, "seems* to looks more likehood"* (sorry for the redundancy*; I can't find a better translation);
and in short, we can conclude that you(fb group) look at carla with your mind and stuck in memory and not in self honesty here! only paying attention to the common sense or not of carla's words. Your total absence of answers or clarifications to what I say and said, proves that it is not the case that there are common sense errors (or no common sense at all) in me , but actually some confusion in you, simply this confusion: 'it makes sense what he says, but it seems to me contrary to desteni'. but in fact it is not contrary to desteni; it is, yes, contrary to how you close yourself only within you and in a group already created, guaranteed and that you isolate yourself more and more from the outside world (the rest of WE ALL) and that in the overall really keeps you in pure self-interest (contrary to what might even be your intentions).
And to end this comment and perhaps the whole topic, be aware of this: do not confuse having benefited in your survival, with desteni (or benefited with desteni, regarding your survival*), with being one and equal to and as Life (wich is actually the case with many of you*). no! you simply benefited from your personal survival; but still very far from been one and equal to, as and with Life. And that is why you (fb group) defend desteni as a group as if you only defend your family out of self-interest and defend it in such an irrational way, so blind (like a faith) that you even expel living beings that really are not a threat to your group, despite only to yourselves, they appear to be a threat. Perhaps a natural result of your taboo, excessive dogma against knowledge for/by which you are not even allowed to see what is really common sense (unfailingly part of knowledge or if you prefer, knowledge in its simplest expression - but always also knowledge).

PS: I didn't receive the (sugested by me) re-invitation to the fb group. I'm fine with that. To leila and gian and others who asked me for friendship on fb and later changed their mind, no comment: their already confused actions speak for themselves. Just one piece of advice: be more accurate/accertive and responsible in your decisions or choices; ask for friendship or marry whomever you are sure you'll take full responsibility for your initial gesture. I will say no more. i'm done with your lack of understanding and/or comprehension (after all, you're working and caring only for yourselves; what matters for you is to no longer be affected, suffering the bad things that affect you so much and make you suffer in this world. ok, but poolman, for example, did a lot more than that. Gave all of himself to systems and left the door open to systems. You kick out whoever looks like a system to you. And you’re sure you’re no longer a system (or progressing in that direction); yeah, right.
PS2:understand both strands of destiny: personal process and action in the world. by action in the world does not mean when you can already be at ease, comfortable in front of everyone and immune to any evil (and good) in the world. not only that; and precisely because you already have that advantage (ease, confortable, immune) it also means (as an application of your advantage because/by which you will then be more efficient) helping others, assisting them and not leaving aside those who are not yet like you. do you get it your missing point? (you spoiled brats!). It's not just about, when you can already be at ease, comfortable in front of everyone and immune to any evil (and good) in the world, simply enjoy your life, enjoy yourself. Not. Poolman didn't do that, understand?
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Re: disapointment/learning with desteni FB members, not desteni

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