Question about Studying/School

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Question about Studying/School

Postby Ish » 22 Nov 2019, 16:03

I was wondering if there’s any videos in relation to school and studying. I’ve had a tough time with studying as of recent and trying to avoid it or not putting as much effort into it as I can. I definitely wasn’t taught how to study when I was young, so I didn’t do well in school and wasn’t focused. I’ve had to teach myself how to study and it was a struggle just to get use to it. I’ve gotten better but still not as good as I can be as I’m still trying to get better at it. I need to teach myself to be more focused, consistent, being able to study longer without wanting to just stop and sometimes just starting on certain days is tough as I’ll avoid it.

A big point is being able to actually take all the information in and keeping it there. As I study for long periods of time, I’ll just forget a lot of the information or it’s just not sticking with me.

How big of a part do things like thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, ideas, beliefs, participating in the mind in energy etc. Play a part or affect your abilities to study/memorize/take in information ? I feel as if there isn’t enough space inside of me to take in all this knowledge/information that I’m going to need, lol.


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Re: Question about Studying/School

Postby Gabriel » 23 Nov 2019, 11:34

I feel as if there isn’t enough space inside of me to take in all this knowledge/information that I’m going to need, lol.

I used to feel the same in regards to studying and taking in information. In essence, what I realised is that the capacity for the body to learn is pretty much 'infinite' - meaning there is almost no limit to what you can process as information as regards the total volume. That does not mean you don't have to pace yourself and develop an effective studying method. Studying is a one step at a time process.

What you could start with is to speak/write self-forgiveness concerning your beliefs about the limitations you think you have in regards to retaining information.

One advice (from Bernard) that has always assisted me is that once you really grasp the meaning of the words you are reading and the relationship between the words in the sentence, then you will understand and with that the understanding will remain. This means that you place your focus on the understanding and grasping of the information, rather than on 'memorising words' for instance.

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Re: Question about Studying/School

Postby thomaslagrua » 30 Nov 2019, 16:52

I would suggest (if you have the choice) to make sure that what you're studying or attempting to accomplish by studying is something you're actually interested in, even if it's just a matter of studying to get from point A to point B. In other words, make sure that you're clear on the goal or reason for studying in the first place and then focus on that. For example, if you're just studying to pass a class or finish school so that you can move on to something else, place the "passing of that class" or the "graduation" as your goal and just keep pushing through one step at a time until you're through. It may sound strange, but the main thing that I ever got out of studying in schools was the degrees that opened doors for me to work in the system - to then actually get to the point where I could do more of what I wanted to do.

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Re: Question about Studying/School

Postby YoganBarrientos » 30 Nov 2019, 21:17

Hi Ish,
I started with the desteni material around 19 years of age. I’m 29 now. I was in university already. I got straight A’s in high school. I developed my technique for studying which is tied to emotions and feelings as explained in desteni. I had access to this state of learning before desteni and so desteni material gave me a greater understanding of how I was studying so well.

I am willing to work with you to see if it’s possible to have another get it. It’s basically an application of stopping reactions and entering into this state where you can read without Thoughts and without Imagination or Distractions/reactions and if you have those points you can direct them. Message me or respond here if you are interested. Otherwise try applying the points here for yourself too and update us here regardless.

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Re: Question about Studying/School

Postby viktor » 08 Dec 2019, 08:05

Hello Ish,

I used a technique were I gave myself regular breaks. Every 45 minutes I would get up and move and do something different. And then after a 15-20 minute break, I would get back. It helped me a lot to remain focused and there is a lot of research that indicates that we are only able to effectively process information for about 40-45 minutes.

Something else I did was to accumulate my studies over time so I did not have to sit for long periods of time. When I had my exams or when I wrote a paper I studied some hours every day instead putting it off till the very last day. That made it less stressful and straining on the body and mind. And it was cool to see how much I got done in for example a month by studying every day – it adds up quickly. And I noticed that the information was more likely to remain when I progressed slower yet with balance and consistency.

Another point that I did not myself pursue when I was at the university, but that I saw many benefited from, was to get 'study buddies'. Students teamed up and studied together. And they seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. Possibly that could also help take some of the pressure off.

Then I would also take some time and read books on study techniques, because there are loads of them, and you are bound to find something that works for you in them.

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