Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Ask questions related to your individual process or life in the experience of yourself and mind - pertaining to thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours, habits etc. This thread is dedicated to those who'd like to understand more about the inner-workings of your own mind and then effects of this on your life and relationships.
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Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby SunetteSpies » 26 Oct 2011, 22:23

Relationships are no "Coincidence"
"There are no coincidences. Every event we experience and every person we meet has intentionally been put in our path to help raise our level of consciousness ."
Above we have an example of a statement of ‘abdication of self-responsibility’, wrapped within ignorance and expressed as Ego under the guise of projecting superiority / control over/of reality while at the same time implying there exist external forces/entities that guide/direct ourselves/our lives – yet completely unaware within this all, that the very statement and condition for/of that statement has been created/programmed and manifested by/as self and then resonantly manifested into and as one’s own mind as a thought/idea…
We really create/programme EVERYTHING that come-up within ourselves and this will slowly but surely more and more be understood/seen/realised through/by those that walk this process out of the Mind into/as the Physical.

Let us analyse/dissect this statement to assist/support with showing/revealing/exposing how the statement-itself and the experience/condition of/as the statement is in fact self-created:

Yes – there are ‘no coincidences’: every event we experience and every person we meet we deliberately placed before ourselves to help maintain our enslavement within/as our personality-constructs to remain trapped within and as consciousness as the Mind.
There’s one thing the Mind is good at, there’s one thing we’ve become good at as the Mind and that is our ability to mind-fuck our own enslavement/possession in/as ourselves to such an extent that we make absolute enslavement seem like ethereal bliss and this process completely lose touch with PHYSICAL REALITY and what is in fact going-on this WORLD-SYSTEM.
The above-statement is a practical example of this, as follows:

The people that ‘come-into’ our world we ‘attract’ through our total mind consciousness system resonance, primarily from our ‘main personality-systems’ we define ‘who we are and how/what we live’ through and as the physical. For the survival of our existence as such personalities-defined; to continue generating the required energy within-ourselves to maintain such personalities, to – through constant-interaction with others that reflect our personalities of/as mind and so through interaction/connection constantly/continuously validate/justify our own personalities: we as mind’s developed sensory/signal systems that emit frequencies as resonances – equal-to and one with the personalities we exist-as and so, accordingly attract/lock people into and as our worlds/realities that is in fact equal-to and one with how we exist-as within ourselves. One will in fact see – in every person that is one’s world/reality both the ‘good and the bad’ – that a part of self is reflected within/as them. We’ve become like resonant-beacons constantly shouting: “Personality copies of myself – come to me, come to me, I need you to interact/socialize/connect to me so that I can make sure I always stay the same as who I am and how/what I live! Please come help me stay the same!”

The people are in our world because we placed them there, we accepted and allowed them to be in the positions they are deliberately – through and as ‘who we are and how/what we live’. We-ourselves constructed/placed and designed our social-networks meticulously and so also our specific relationships to/towards all the people as placements in/as our world into and as which we’ve enclosed ourselves as “my little world” as small / compact as possible so at to maintain control over/of all the relationships and placements to ensure that the world ‘remains the same’ so that ‘self remains the same’ and can walk-through the system within the system safely until death – protecting self’s personalities.

This has been the actuality of the nature of people being within our worlds/realities – we as mind consciousness systems, existing through personalities - designed/programmed our own social-networks, nature of relationships and relationship placements to protect / control ‘who we are and how/what we live’.
Obviously, beings would do anything/everything to deny this, as one of the mind’s personalities is obviously ‘at the ready’ to protect its existence which is EGO: where we make ourselves seem ‘more’ / ‘better’ / ‘superior’ / ‘ethereal’ / ‘spiritual’ than we in fact really are as the real nature of ourselves within our thoughts / secret-mind / backchat reveal.
But, we make ourselves believe that we have the ‘upper-hand’ because no-one can see inside our heads / what really goes on inside us – so, it’s easy to create a false-presentation of godhood while the evil within us run amok: which is what we have been doing for eons of time and to such an extent that we’ve become lost / possessed within and as the creation of our own illusion that we’re not seeing/realising the extent of the manifested-consequence we’ve created that is going to come and already is coming to kick us right in the ASS, physically and mentally. Our own manifested-consequence we created throughout our lives is going to have the last-laugh…

So, have a look – all this time, we’ve created – within ourselves, “imaginary selves and realities” such as spoken within the statement above, of superiority and ‘raising consciousness’ while reality and humanity in/as the physical real-world start falling into destruction and mayhem. Where human-beings don’t have time to think-about ‘raising consciousness and the role of people in their world/reality’ as their physical-bodies in every increment of breath yearn/scream/cry for food constantly within the experience of wondering whether the next breath will be their death…
So – the statement above, obviously can only be made within being in a position of MONEY, cause – seriously: ‘consciousness can only be raised’ when one has time to spend time THINKING about it in one’s mind, which is where consciousness exist and in this world at the moment: TIME is MONEY. Therefore, the statement is not real/applicable to reality/this physical-world but made within a illusionary state/reality of/as mind by/as an illusionary-self.

So – we’ve through eons of time, and even just within this life of ours – made ourselves think/believe that we can ‘get away with’ presenting ‘false selves’ while the ‘real-selves’ remain hidden/secret within/as our own minds: not realising that we’re all this time in fact deceiving ourselves and that the PHYSICAL, our PHYSICAL-BODY and PHYSICAL-REALITY is the one thing that is / has been constant/stable as the one thing we cannot hide-from. With the inversion of process, where the PHYSICAL becomes the very manifestation/reflection/expression of/as the truth of/as who we are as mind: each one’s actual inner-reality will be exposed/faced accordingly – both individually/personally and as humanity where we will come face to face with ourselves as what we really exist-as within ourselves through physical-experiences / -events and through global events/experiences.

Really – wake up, consciousness is the CON as ILLUSION, this physical-reality and the state/experience/conditions of the world/humanity is the direct actual real reflection of who we are and what we have become as human-beings. Just watch the news – observe the world, investigate human-nature through/as the events/experiences that’s happening in the world and then simply turn to yourself for a day – really look at the nature of the thoughts/backchat in the secret-mind of self that come-up and you’ll see: the truth of human-beings/self/humanity/the world is concerning/appalling/frightening = but this is what it is = this is real.
And in that, one will see/realise and understand that the ‘raising of consciousness’ is in fact an illusion and that one has in fact MISSED REALITY, WHAT IS REAL, HERE.

When you’re seeing/realising/understanding the real nature of self and the world as self – realise, you have a window of opportunity to change it starting with self, through taking self-responsibility for self and self’s living in/as the actual, real physical-world and become a self-directive principle that in fact live.
People in one’s world/reality that reflect self / parts of self is in fact parts of self, and thus – with the relationships existent within one’s world one can assist/support self in bringing self back to equality and oneness within and as self through seeing / finding which parts within self such people one’s world/reality represent.
Do not simply discard/deny/resist relationships that is here within/as one’s world as that is an application of EGO and SEPARATION and is not the solution to transcending the mind. People in one’s world/reality at the moment, as well as in the past are parts of self / ‘keys’ / ‘stepping stones’ in assisting/supporting self to get to know SELF through others as self.
For example, one can see parts of self in others – what you like in someone may be something that you haven’t accepted as yourself and what you dislike in another is a point that you actually also do/live-out but don’t want to admit/see so you project that negative-aspect of yourself onto another.

Thus, utilize what is here within one’s world/reality to assist/support self in/as the process of getting to know yourself, so that relationships don’t exist in self-interest of maintain one’s personality of mind – but that relationships becomes experiences where self SHARE and EXPRESS self in equality and oneness and really experience another and walk with another in support and assistance.
Obviously, this first start with SELF, WITHIN self – one is not going to change others/relationships through knowledge and information, so – be watchful of the tendency of EGO to want to change everyone else, before in fact LIVING/BEING a constant/consistent example of change. Others will ASK when they’re ready – you first focus on YOU, HERE, WITHIN YOURSELF – work on YOURSELF FIRST, otherwise if one jump to others, one again project/blame instead of working with self first and everything one do will be futile because it’s knowledge and information of MIND and not in fact actual, real practical living.
The forums are here to walk your process, your SELF process – and will be assisted/supported as you walk-through the illusion of consciousness into the reality of the physical to eventually become a LIVING EXAMPLE wherethrough others will be assisted and supported.

So – assist and support self to bring oneself back down to earth into and as the physical from the high-flying illusion of consciousness so that we can get down to the nitty gritty and start sorting-out ourselves to get-to sorting-out this world.


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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby Bella » 26 Oct 2011, 22:56

Awesome, thanks for sharing Sunette!

Yep, that is what it means to look at one's life from the starting-point of self-responsibility and with the willingness to actually understand creation - self-creation;
that's what it means to embrace all that we are literally faced with in every moment, all that is here as self - and work with what is here directly in every moment, realizing we are always facing self - in the process of understanding, purifying, re-creating self.
And expanded into/as the bigger picture, this is how we work with what is here as the constructs and systems of this world - to change the world as we change ourselves, from the inside out, within and without equal and one.

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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby RobertOlivart » 27 Oct 2011, 04:07

Wow, cool support and assistance here.

Through reading this post, I realize how deceptive I am actually about "relations" of any kind that i can have. I tend to "detect" some points on others that I can see aswell on my-self, but now I understand that how it is still a lot more that I haven't accepted yet as "my own points to trascend" and just mind-judge these points wherein others. There is a self-correction to do.

From Here and Now, I am going to be more directive about how I participate into "relations", with more attention on my mind-reactions where I am not being Self-Honest to then correct it, as One and Equal to the relation.

Thank you for share, Sunette!


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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby Marlen » 27 Oct 2011, 06:28

Great support here Sunette. There's definitely quite a process to walk to ensure we live the words we say and to make sure we do not separate ourselves from another based on preferences and personality as ego.

Thanks a lot for it.

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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby Cathy » 27 Oct 2011, 07:01

Thank You Sunette
When you’re seeing/realising/understanding the real nature of self and the world as self – realise, you have a window of opportunity to change it starting with self, through taking self-responsibility for self and self’s living in/as the actual, real physical-world and become a self-directive principle that in fact live.

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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby Fred cheung » 27 Oct 2011, 08:53

Thank you Sunette, letting us know we are like beacons drawing people as what points/characteristics we have inside us into our world.

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Re: Relationships are no "Coincidence"

Postby Ann » 27 Oct 2011, 10:06

This is my reply : ... ences.html

There are no coincidences. Every event we experience and every person we meet has intentionally been put in our path to help raise our level of consciousness" - Cheryl Richardson

This is one of the more popular quotes people like to believe in. Believing that everything is "planned", and that you are just a little slave following your already pre programmed path.
Now, for a part this is true: we are shaped by the system that already creates a certain frame which we have to walk in. Or your upbringing and culture creates you into liking certain things and disliking other.

But to consciously following and supporting this statement, is insane.
It would mean that now, not only unconsciously your in slave mode, you are CONSCIOUSLY deciding that this is so and that you will remain that way.
It also means you believe people get raped for a reason, animals get molested for a reason, that corrupt elites are there for a reason etc... It all comes down to the "God has created everything, so everything is in plan". It is basically the same thing, just given a spiritual ring to it.
Our level of consciousness may be raised in one way or another, but we are not really doing anything with it. The same abuse keeps happening over and over, we keep being brainwashed and passing on the brainwashing to the next generations. We create judgment and inequality and dont understand how this system functions.
When a rapist rapes a kid, he has been created by this system to become a rapist. He was born as a baby, and grew up into a man able to molest and harm a little child. This person however, had the opportunity to say no to these urges and understand why he/she has such desires. But our society is more based on punishing instead of prevention. Will the raped child’s consciousness be raised? I doubt it. The child may even be killed because of the act, or committed suicide. Will humanities consciousness be raised? I doubt it. After thousands of years we are still making the same mistakes. People read about these things, think "omg thats sick, that’s disgusting, sad etc..." and then continue with their life. The newspaper does not address the way humans get programmed, how a person becomes a child molester, how to change this etc... But yeah, newspapers function on profit as well, so no surprise there.
This will simply continue if we do not change the basics of our world system. As long as money and profit controls all, these things will keep on happening.
So that quote is utter slavery.
It is believing in a grand master plan beyond your comprehension, beyond your own direction.

But what we require IS our self-direction! To start thinking, realizing and moving ourselves. Not depending on some kind of "higher" thing that makes thing function to eventually hope everyone’s conscious will be raised enough to change Earth into heaven.

If you realize the quote shows our enslavement to requiring external problems and misery to "learn" from, you realize that this would mean we are in fact all abusers. And as long as we live like this we are. Because then we require the bad to experience the good, we need misery to experience happiness, that we require abuse to "learn". And that is quite fucked up.

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