Of Man, God & Planet Earth: The Image & Likeness of Here

Ask questions related to your individual process or life in the experience of yourself and mind - pertaining to thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours, habits etc. This thread is dedicated to those who'd like to understand more about the inner-workings of your own mind and then effects of this on your life and relationships.
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Of Man, God & Planet Earth: The Image & Likeness of Here

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Of Man and God and Planet Earth: The Image and Likeness of Here in the Process of Humanity


‘God’ is ‘Equality & Oneness’.

Equality & Oneness is the outflow of ‘who we are’ in every moment.

This is how god is omnipotent and omnipresent.

God is showing man what man has become.

God is mirroring man back to self.

God is neither good nor evil, but simply everything that is Here as the consequence of everything that is Here.

Thus god is all-times at all times.

God is the image and likeness of Here.

God is enslaved by man. God is what man is.

Can God save man?


Man can save itself.

...“There is no way but through god”...

Man can be ‘god’.

Man can Stop closing its eyes and ears to the consequences of ‘who I am’, Stop denying the consequences of man’s thoughts, words and deeds throughout Time – and take Responsibility for What is Here.

Man can save itself through ‘god’ = through Equality & Oneness.

Why does man separate itself from God?

Why does man separate itself from what is Here?

Why does man separate itself from itself and each-other?

Why does man seek comfort in knowledge of books, when all knowledge is Here within and as who we are, within and as the cycles of history, the trap of time, the pain and suffering within and without.

Why does man not Give comfort to all equally?

Why does man not Give, when man wants to Get?

Why does man compete, when all men are equal in image and likeness?

Why does man deceive itself into ‘seeking for the One’, when each one is ‘the One’ – the one to breathe in order to live, the one to give in order to get, the one to stand up so as not to fall.

Why does man deceive itself into ‘looking for something out there’, when everything is Here.

Why is man not god in fact?

Why is man worshipping false gods?

Why is man self-righteous, when this only brings war, pain, suffering?

Why is man not learning from the lessons of life?

Why does man abdicate life through abdicating its equality and oneness as life?

Why does man seek to be superior, though in fact inferior, to life?

Why does man always have to win, when that implies that others must lose?

Why is man not truly its brother’s keeper?

Why does man deny life through its lust for profit, through greed, through con science.

Why does man abdicate godhood through false humbleness, deceiving even itself into mind sets of powerlessness, fear, delusion.

Why does man not stand up to its demons that make man a de-man, less than, inferior to what man can be as god.

Why is man subject to polarity, shown by the existence of man’s ‘inner struggle’ as well as life and death, and will the cycles end should man stand-up and stop its bipolar delusion?

How can man ever dis-cover what is real, when man is infinitely busy covering up the truth of itself through beautiful lies and justification?

How can man be a just custodian to earth and the animal kingdom when man exists in self-justification?

Why does man distract itself into self-destruction?

How can man change its desteni?

How can man elevate itself from de-man to man-kind?

Is anyone coming to save us?


There is no other way but to Stand-Up and Walk through the eye of the needle – there is no other way but Equality & Oneness = that is for man to face oneself and stand up for life as life.

Self-Actualization in self-awareness as Life = as all as one as equal – Here.

Within this, we change our Here through changing ourselves.

We change the effect by changing the cause, we change the end by changing the beginning – through creating a new beginning with a new starting-point: What is best for All = LIFE.

We change self-interest by transcending self as ego and re-creating self as life, as all as one as equal.

Then self-interest is equal for all – LIFE HERE – Common interest, on Common ground, in Common sense.

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Re: Of Man, God & Planet Earth: The Image & Likeness of Here

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the end there helped me a lot. i stopped. i changed my starting to point to whats best for all instead of whats best for me which is a 1+1=1 equation. :D

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