Child Birth as Mirror of the Money System

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Matti Freeman
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Child Birth as Mirror of the Money System

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It seems the very process of conceiving and birthing a child into this world, mirrors the Capitalistic system, where at Conception, One sperm wins the Privilege of gaining entry into the Womb, as millions are rejected due to the very physical infrastructure being incapable of supporting all the sperm, seeming to pave the way for the acceptance of the existence of the Privileged and the Un-privileged, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the haves and the have-nots, as being simply 'part of nature'. And where you start out Broke -- Whoops, my water broke! Where you are then forced into a Contracted Term of painful Labor, where life only becomes possible through much sweat, blood, tears, and screaming.

So we learn that life is pain, life is a struggle, 'life is not fair' -- and that the most we can do is to just 'make the most of it', and 'find happiness' however we can.

This would seem to be the only reason why we as Humanity have not stood up together, as the Majority -- and stopped accepting and allowing crimes against life perpetrated by the Money System. We've accepted what we've been taught, and our only frame of reference in how we look at what exists in this world, is Capitalism, Consumerism, Survival. We've accepted our own enslavement to money, to survival, to pain and struggle, and in fact have defined our entire purpose in life within the pursuit of moments of 'happiness' as 'rewards' for our continued acceptance of the system -- too afraid for our very survival to consider that there could be any other way of existing together on Earth.

But the fact is, happiness has proved to be the biggest weapon of mass destruction and enslavement to every have existed. Because, it is through our pursuit of happiness that we distract ourselves from the atrocities that we all know take place daily. It is through our pursuit of happiness that we distract ourselves from our own enslavement -- 'don't worry, be happy!' It is through our pursuit of happiness that we have, generation after generation, postponed change -- falling again and again for the trap of Hope, of Waiting, of Dreaming, of Wishing -- settling for a Feeling, rather than for an actual Solution.

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Re: Child Birth as Mirror of the Money System

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haha that is a really cool analogy!
Although in capitalism, for some (minority) it is easy and don't have to do much blood sweat and tears to get what they want. Maybe they are the ceasarion section :P

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