My Bottom line Question

Ask questions related to your individual process or life in the experience of yourself and mind - pertaining to thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours, habits etc. This thread is dedicated to those who'd like to understand more about the inner-workings of your own mind and then effects of this on your life and relationships.
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kim amourette
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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by kim amourette »

yes, it may be difficult for people to grasp what this forum is about as every other forum here on the internet is all about discussing, argumenting and basically making one's Ego known to the world so to speak - like, with every statement one make, one is basically just saying "hey, I'm here too, listen to ME, I've got something to say, recognize my existence!!!" -- when, really, it's all just talk, blabber, words that have been used, misused and spread around ad nauseum all throughout human history within and through human interaction - where we've never even for a moment stopped ourselves in our participation and investigated were all these words are coming from, who or what is speaking them, and what is it all really contributing to, except for us just following in the footsteps of previous generations, following a preprogrammed path of words that form the world as how we've come to understand it through aeons of brainwashing.

At Desteni we say STOP, we stop, investigate ourselves, don't just spread around statements of BELIEF and accepted ideas/ideals about who we are and what the world/reality is, for the sake of letting our existence as a 'Human'', an organic robot of knowledge and information, known to feed some illusion of specialness that only exist in our own mind. We all here are walking a process, as Marlen mentioned in her reply and as previously mentioned many times, and as shared all over this forum, utilizing specific tools such as self-forgiveness, self-honesty, writing and self-correction - in real time physical reality, each individually - where this forum is like a platform of support and sharing for all those walking their process.

Thus, this concept of actually dedicating oneself to walking a physical process with and as oneself in real time physical reality, is completely foreign to the human in its current state/stage of Consciousness development/evolution where everything is like a form of ego-entertainment and the human has lost all touch with physical reality that is HERE for all and as all of us - so we do understand that most beings coming here to the forum will/may not immediately grasp the concept and purpose, however we do direct these points within the replies we give and accordingly expect that the being make a decision for themselves about who they are --- will they continue pursuing self-interest and find their ego-recognition somewhere else or will they stay and begin walking their process of self-application, applying the tools presented here and participate here on the forum as an equal, within and as equal realization and understanding that as humanity here on earth we need to seriously redirect ourselves in how we live out our relationships with life on this planet.

So, you will find that our replies are quite direct and we don't mess around, it's nothing personal --- it is to push individuals towards making that decision about who they are within their life and living and so also here on the forum.

Cheers, Kim

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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by Jeanne »

Hi Namaste,
the bottom line question and the bottom line answer may be the same...the entirety of what has been shown through the portal and desteni is the timeloop created by consciousness and it's definition within polarity: either/or, answer/question. This is the oldest trick in CONology...a diversionary decision to follow the mind, yet again, in seeking 'frameworks' that we can believe.

to walk out of the mind and into breath and this physical reality is to go into unchartered territory-- it's not familiar, there are no treaties, or spells or traditions for what we are doing...that's the bottom and the top line disappearing in front of our frontal lobes....and we are all still here; thankfully – able to direct ourselves to support one another to support all those who are not as lucky as we are.

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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by Kristina »

When one spend enough time reading the material and applying the tools provided, unconditionally - one will begin to see what is actually here as ourselves, how we are in fact responsible for what is here 'as creation' and thus we must walk a process of correction as I see/realize/understand that what is here as ourselves, as our world - is in complete disarray. There is no harmony because each individual see themselves as somehow separate from the whole, from the one planet, the one earth, the one body of humanity and are too busy contemplating philosophy or meaning of words. We can bring all of ourselves and all things existent within our mind, here - into/as physical reality to find out for real - what is practical knowledge and information - is it best for all/me and how can I apply/live it in my life.

That is the point of this forums - to stop our run around mind chatter and become self directed here, realizing the responsibility we have to ourselves and this life. When one give themselves the time and space to actually investigate, research, read and apply what the desteni message share - the decision will become clear - either one sees/hears/realize the common sense of what is best for all to create a physical reality that reflects such a principle, or one decides this is not the place for them. Either way, unless one let go of conditions and expectations about 'what life is' and 'who self is' - one cannot get a REAL answer - because the starting point from which we are asking/seeking is subject to our self interest.

So to Paolo and all - slow down, read the material - get to understand what the message of desteni actually, practically suggest in how to live solutions within ourselves and within our world and make a self honest decision from there - am I willing to become self responsible as a creator in/as this world or am I willing to continue to distract myself with opinions and theories and ideas within my mind that keep my trailing down paths that lead me no where. We are here and willing to support for those willing to walk this process.

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Rebecca Dalmas
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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by Rebecca Dalmas »

The Tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be maned
is not the eternal name

The unnamable is the eternally real.
Naming is the origin
of all particular things.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

Yet mystery and manifestations
arise from the same source.
This source is called darkness.

Darkness within darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.

Lao- Tzu

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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by Ann »

And all people of the world can give you their kind of answer, but what difference does it make? You will have to believe it, in some way.
But what you don't have to believe , is what is around you and which is physically here.
We see life creating life on a daily basis.

So to me the question of 'what is the source of everything' is of no importance. Whatever answer given, it would always remain a believe about what started everything way wayyy back + the believe that everything had a beginning in the first place. Things might simply always have been here but we cannot grasp it because our mind only knows beginning and ends, and that everything has a beginning and an end, so we find it hard to think about something without a beginning, or an end.

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Re: My Bottom line Question

Post by namaste203 »

I will just say thanks, for the efforts of those who stopped to share.

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