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Anything but preprogamming.

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 17:58
by Paul Lombardo
What do humans do that is not considered preprogrammed? I was looking at sex/relationships for myself and that seems for me to not be preprogrammed because I actually Fear It, so I was preprogrammed to fear sex/relationships. Some of the things I am programmed to do, (do we program ourselves ?) is drink coffee and do minor drugs like kratom and drink small amounts of alcohol occasionally but when I don't have that I will eat food and sleep alot. I am now seeing that a human is just preprogrammed to desire certain things, mastubration food sleep drugs....I fear sex though but this seems like just another preprogrammed desire main question: what does a human do that is not preprogrammed. We're some humans not preprogrammed to fear sex. I remember when I was younger I feared getting high but ended up doing that anyway . It was more fear of death so I feared drugs for fear I would die.

Re: Anything but preprogamming.

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 18:03
by Paul Lombardo
I'm also looking at breath and it seems like I tend to avoid breathing so it may be going against my preprogramming to just breathe. I have a liking toward holding my breath so I'm not sure if this is preprogrammed as well

Re: Anything but preprogamming.

Posted: 02 May 2019, 17:28
by Marlen
Hi Paul, I would look at it not as a 'what is programmed and what is not' approach because ultimately knowing it doesn't make a difference really. Everything you currently are and all the fears or desires you have are yourself, doesn't ultimately matter if pre-programmed or self-created through habit or societal influence. The point of this whole process is to learn how to work with the aspects that you see in common sense are detrimental for you and so establishing the ways to create new living skills and habits that are supportive.

So, common sense: if holding your breath is NOT supportive then, you have to focus on normal breathing since that is just part of how our bodies operate, it's not about going for or against what we are 'programmed' to do because a program is not wrong or bad, not even preprogramming. It's all about learning to take direction within our lives and that means getting to know yourself to decide what do I see is necessary to change in order to get to live a life that is supportive? Doesn't matter how big or small the aspect of yourself you are looking at, because it's all self-created ultimately - whether preprogrammed or not.

So, to make it simple, I would recommend not going pondering what is preprogrammed and what isn't. But simply focus on the writing to identify that which you see you have to change and use the tools to lay out the foundation of how to practically in real time change, which is what really matters in this whole process of self-awareness and change.