Seeing colors in the mind.

Ask questions related to your individual process or life in the experience of yourself and mind - pertaining to thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours, habits etc. This thread is dedicated to those who'd like to understand more about the inner-workings of your own mind and then effects of this on your life and relationships.
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Paul Lombardo
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Seeing colors in the mind.

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So when I feel bored or just blank I see a tan gold color this is when I feel very blank and low energy, usually I'll be trying to avoid this mindset. When I see green that is usually when I am in a dark place in my mind and is a warm feeling, the gold color is usually a hotter feeling. When. I see reddish purple i am usually overstimulated and freaking out. This is the best one....when I see blue I am feeling alive and feeling a white light with it it is a very cold feeling and I think this is my beingness. Maybe blue because of atlantean origins ? This is the only color I see that is associated with cold=blue. I associated this with a deep breath and a hold moment. It feels good to be cold and I remember a old video where a being said you will feel cold before leaving the body . The green color I see is associated with this rumbling thing I do sometimes automatically with my head brain area. I think it might be associated with preprogrammed desire. The blue cold color and feeling is usually associated with excitement and fear because I think it is my beingness. And the gold tan color can be associated with lostness and not knowing. The green color is seen when I am getting sleepy too.

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Re: Seeing colors in the mind.

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Hi Paul. Here is my perspective:

Things of such nature such as seeing colors, or other things we may see: ghosts, dark figures, interesting sounds, voices in the head, beings/entities, etc...
are not alone trustworthy. Because alone they are of the Mind, and nothing of the Mind alone can be trusted. What can be trusted is the Physical and so cross-referencing with the physical. Anything that cannot be cross-referenced with the physical is immediately irrelevant.

In this particular case you are relating colors in your mind to self-experiences. So you don't need colors to tell you what your self-experience is. You can work on developing your self-awareness of what you are experiencing.

I highly suggest walking the desteni process, because if you do you can immediately start doing the self-forgiveness on all the mind points. You can forgive for thinking, and participating in the mind and for any kind of reactions towards these experiences. You can immediately stop the emotions like bored or blank or low energy through the Self-forgiveness statements and then MOVE yourself and DIRECT yourself in the physical. Doing this process you become a self-willed being with nothing going in your mind and you are being practical and proactive in your day. This is a process, and takes time so be gentle with yourself.

I highly suggest signing up with the courses and to do your self-forgiveness application regularly and to read the self-forgiveness of others. Seeing colors to know your own experience is redundant and it does use Mental energy to create the pictures. So I would do self-forgiveness on the point and see how it goes. You can share your findings here and we can respond. Though focus on stopping the mind points as best you can, so you can see the results.

The mind feeds off of the physical, so stopping the mind points will alleviate stress on your body.

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