A wooden stick

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A wooden stick

Post by frank »

It's like recently I find a strange point in life: When I try to reject other people for some reason, I could see a wooden stick in my vision, and I guess it's influencing me.

So, what's the mechanic of this bizarre expression? And if it's possible to not see it.

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Re: A wooden stick

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Frank,

I would investigate what the wooden stick represents to you, because it is your mind showing you this image - hence you need to look at what 'words' you connect to the image of the wooden stick and specifically in relation to "wanting to reject other people".

Perhaps the wooden stick is showing you that you are being 'unflexible' like a stick - instead of moving with people like 'water'.

You have to find the 'words' that come up for you and bring it back to yourself.

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