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Conflict with landlord

Posted: 20 May 2020, 00:54
by tylersr
My landlords are forcing me to move out of the RV I am staying in so they can use it for a trip. They are also helping me with things like food as I am out of work and have yet to receive unemployment benefits. I am afraid that if I stand up for my right to not be moved out of my space, they will immediately cut off the other support they are providing me, which I cannot afford right now.

In general, I don't mind moving into the main house for a few days while they use the RV, but I am experiencing a violation of my Self Sovereignty through this imposition of an order to move my stuff. The real issue here is communication and establishing boundaries, where due to the Special Nature of our relationship, it is a bit of a slush fund in terms of the expectations and behaviors they exhibit towards me, with no real platform established to govern our behavior towards each other.

In actuality, I didn't even intend to be here long term, but due to a government stay-at-home order imposed in my region, I have been forced to remain staying in their property for the time being. In fact, the RV isn't even on their property any more and I'm not sure the situation is entirely legal, yet here I am.

I am in a situation where it seems if I continue to let them boss me around, I am not standing up for Self. However, I am grateful for their assistance, and so don't want to press the issue too hard, as it will result in losing access to those Resources. I am experiecing difficulty in moving my life forward, however, without the stability of my own place with Honored boundaries and guidelines, as well as the Additional issue of Not supporting them to be specific and direct with their self-applications towards me.

Any perspectives would be appreciated.

Re: Conflict with landlord

Posted: 20 May 2020, 18:15
by Gabriel
Hi Tyler,

Does this mean that the RV is actually theirs?

If it is theirs, then I would place myself in their shoes and approach the situation with humbleness.

If it was me, I would do whatever it takes to buy me time (such as being flexible) - and in the meantime pull together all the resources that exist in my life to start creating a next step in my life and reality, which does not happen overnight.

What I have noticed is that we can get frustrated with the way people communicate with us or behave towards us - when we do not fully understand what is happening or why it is happening. In those cases it can help to simply have a conversation to clear up any misunderstandings.

Re: Conflict with landlord

Posted: 21 May 2020, 04:07
by tylersr

It was a very intense point that I should have stood up within immediately. Instead, I hesitated during the initial movement and went into all sorts of reactions and backchats. Surprisingly, the point came up again. I actually texted them about it and they ignored me lol. So I brought it up again and a conversation was had where it was worked out that they would help me move my stuff out and clean the RV and I would stay in the house while they are gone. It was difficult at first because I had to push everything- basically play all sides or roles in the story, and I was prepared for quite a messy situation, but it ended up being OK in the end, lol.

Thanks for the support, and best of luck to you.

Re: Conflict with landlord

Posted: 21 May 2020, 21:15
by Gabriel
Great Tyler, that is really nice to hear.

It is often like that, when we prepare for the worst and already embrace that, then things turn out 'not so bad'.