Anna's Lyrics for Desteni Jam

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Anna's Lyrics for Desteni Jam

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These are lyrics that I wrote on the old Desteni forum between 2009-2010
Some of them has already been made into songs and recorded.
You are welcome to use them - Remember to accredit each other when we use each others work.

What is HERE

I keep calling out but there is no one there
All I can hear is my own sorrow and despair
Calling back to me from the depths of my mind
Asking me to look within, to reset and rewind

I we were never here in the first place
then who created earth, time and space?
Could it really just be our own imagination
That makes these confining walls of our own creation?

Life is what we walk and breathe everyday
Every thought, every act, every word we say
No one is to blame when we face what is HERE
Only when we stand as it, can we release our fear

Fear is what has brought us HERE, as fear is the split
The moment where we lost ourselves
Forgot that we were it

From fear that we were all that is, we made the two´s, the three´s
In one moment we became our own machinery

As systems, all we long to do
is make ourselves be real
From deviding all there is in two
we think, we act, we feel

Hopeless is our desteny and that is what we fear
That all that we have ever been, is already HERE

I want you

I want your eyes on me
I want to be the breath that you breathe
I want to beLIEve the lies that I see
That we could be free
In the mist of together forever
just you and me
I want you to protect me
I want you to praise me
I want to see trough your eyes, see what you see
Be the blood that you bleed
But you are an image of my own mind
The image of a falling mankind
I want to be near you
I want to be dear to you
I want you to be lion and me the deer to you
I want you to see me
I want you to beLIEve me
I want to be the wolf and you the lamb I eat
I want you to feel me
I want you to free me
I want you to make me feel real and redeam me
This is my confession
That passion is my minds main obsession
To beLIEve in a love that was never real
To trust and beLIEve what I think and feel
Could it only be real
Could it only exist as what I feel
What moves is simply energy
There is no one to hear, no no one to to feel no one to see

Its all just me

When will we stop?

I wont analyze me
I am gonna stabilize me
To see what it is I really see
A world spinned out of control
Sex, drugs, money, rock n’ roll

And all we do is try to hide it
We cannot fix, so instead we fight it
Every day, in every word we say
We wanna make love stay forever
So we try to make it better

Cause we are here forever
Nothing’s gonna make it better
Until we wake up and see what it is we have created
A world gone so small that it is faded

And all that is left is what is really here
The pain, the thoughts and the fear
When will we stop ourselves from fighting?
When will we stop ourselves from hiding?
When will we stop?
When will we stop?
When will we stop?
When will we stop?

This is Hell

I Strike a blow
To take down the show
Strip the LIEghts off their glow
Take the stars with me before I go

In darkness the worms prevail
In storm the ships still sail
I silence I hear the thunder
The sound of a tear in the veil

This is HELL
The ever Forecasted spell
Of Blinded I´s
Of Ears that do not hear the bell
That Truth is always known
That no one dares to tell

What live is what dies
What hurt is what cries
What breathes is what sighs
What sees but has no eyes
What has wit but is not wise

She´s so Indigo

She can heal the sick and the poor
She knows that more is less than less is more
She dives the minds ocean from shore to shore
She knows what she is searching for
She never misses the show
She´s so Indigo

She keeps stones and rocks in a shrine
She feels like the moon when it is shines
She will never be left behind
She just wants it all to be fine
She always knows where to go
She´s so Indigo

She believes that Love is the goal
She writes poems on magic scrolls
She is an old wise soul
She dreams of being covered in gold
She has faith in the cosmic flow
She´s so Indigo

She beams all she wants with her sixth sense
She believes in going under instead of over the fence
She changes the world with her loving presence
She follows the path of the divine essence
She is always in the go
She´s so Indigo

Just another day

Just another day in a fool’s paradise
Just another day left to my own demise
Just another day where I´m feeling scorn
Just another day where I was never born

Just another day looking blinded at the sun
Just another day where peace will not come
Just another day of people walking lines
Just another day pretending it´s all fine

Just another day of love and hate
Just another day where I dissipate
Just another day of playing this game
Just another day they look all the same

Just another day with suicide bombs
Just another day of hands exchanging guns
Just another day the TV is turned on
Just another day and I´m gone, gone, gone

Just another day and I´m feeling dead
Just another day where all words have been said
Just another day a million children cries
Just another day in a fool’s paradise

You see me

What the fuck is going on in Here?
How can we pretend that we don´t see or hear?
What the fuck is going on out there?
How can we go on and on without a Care?
What the fuck is going on in this Reality?
Where we claim that Life is fair and choices come for free?

You See me falling into the ground
You See me crawling on the ground
Why are you just passing by?
How can you pretend you don´t hear the Children cry?

What the fuck is up with us?
Why are we so cruel?
How can we believe we got each other fooled?

I See you crawling on the ground
I See you falling into the ground
I See me just passing by
No more will I watch the Children die

The Bottom Line

I’ve walked to the bottom line
a million times and back
Always to find that the hole I was filling
was myself as perceived lack
I feared that I would disappear if I let go
of my self-obsession
I even denied that I, within that,
was signing off to my own demolition
What I had not seen, was the in between
The words that were spoken under line
And a word that is spoken as a follower’s token
is as worthless as a thought of the mind
And as I followed and followed I was no where near finished
and always the one I left behind
It is time to end the hate of the proliferate
and to stop the creation of me
I see now that I was never dead
but always unborn as can be
So now I make the decision to lay the incision
To cut out the heart of the crap
To open the cage, to get off the stage
and get my ass out of the trap
I stand to petition the whole demolition
of all I have been and become
To bring down the house of cards and division
at last it is done, it is done.

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